I was 'married' at 13

I was talking to a friend who was over at our house when we were 13 and she asked me if I thought my mother liked having s**. At 13 you are not thinking of those things, unless your friend brings it up. She said her mother liked it, her mother had told her. My mother had never talked to me about s**. I knew all I needed to know from my friends and the lame s** education at school. She showed me her body, meaning she took off her pants and let me look between her legs. She let me touch her, and she had me put my finger in her v*****. She sat up and helped me get my pants down and she sucked me and I got hard.

She told me she was going to milk me, she took my p**** in her hand and she stroked it fast and furious, it hurt and I didn't ever get to the point of being milked. She turned her attention to her mouth and after a while she quit and laid back and asked me to give her oral. While giving her oral, I was laying on my bed I came into the bedspread. She was disappointed and we waited a few minutes, she sucked me back to attention and I got on her and we had s**, finishing completely inside of her. She announced while getting her pants back on that she was my wife. She meant it.

She came over on her own to help my mother fix dinner, she wanted my mother to hold my dirty clothes so she could do my laundry. On Saturdays she came over to help my mother do housework and she changed the sheets on my bed. She told my mother we had s**, and that she was my wife. And my mother never corrected her, she never walked in on us in my bedroom, never interfered with her doing my laundry or making my bed.

In school she turned in all her papers with my last name. She brought my lunch to school and set a place for me during lunch. She was over affectionate, embarrassing me at school. She demanded I address her as my wife and she referred to me as her husband. We had s**. All the time. I figured out her mother had put her on the pill and then she told me she had an IUD. S** was normal, we tried some other positions but almost every time we ended up having s** the way our mother's did, the woman on the bottom and the man on top. She repeated what her mother told her, she was built for it, s** for the woman was easy, she didn't like me coming on her and she held on very tight.

Neither my mother or her mother ever said anything about all this. Not to us, to my older sister my mother told her it was a phase and we would grow out of it. She never did. She and her mother went shopping for wedding rings when we were in the eleventh grade and we got married that summer. Seems she wanted a baby for when she finished high school. And that's what she did.

May 12

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  • Nice. Still married?

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