I'm in love with my father's employee

I'm 23 year old girl and my father is a rich businessman. For many years my father had a driver who also used to pick me from school and he also was a gardener and a handyman.
I have seen him since I was a child and had a crush on him.
During my school days when he would pick me up, we always spoke a lot while he drove.
One day when when we were alone at home, and we were talking, I told him I always had a crush on him. He laughed it off and he was very uncomfortable so he changed the topic.
After that I have always expressed my feelings for him, when one day he said that he is divorced and too old for me and to add more he said we have different social status.
I told him that I really liked him and I kissed him.
One thing lead to another and we frequently had s** whenever we were alone.
I was almost as old as his son, the first time when we had s** I was 21 and he was 43, and after 2 years I still love him regardless of age or if he's my father's employee.
I want to take this to the next step and marry him, but I'm scared of my father, he might disown me and he could ruin his life too.
But I also don't mind to keep this behind their backs and I want to continue having s** with him.
I know I'm mature adult who can take my own decisions but my parents will never let this happen. I like him for the fact that he will always stay loyal to me and he would take great care of me.
I've tried to get someone my own age, but I haven't really connected with anyone. I like the fact that me and him can talk so comfortably and he is so honest.
I like him because he is pure of heart and he deserves more than a sad and lonely life.

Am I wrong or should I see someone else? He is the kindest person that I have ever met and he is a good man.

May 13

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  • I used to have s** with my dad's friend G***y all the time. All through my teen years, I use to thing he was the sexiest man alive. When I was in high school, I'd wear low cut tops and short skirts when he was over to tease.
    G***y had been married a few times and was always with a different bottle blonde when he'd come over for cookouts.
    Mom cheated on dad and they divorced my senior year. Dad travels a lot for work. A few days after I turned 18, dad was traveling and G***y came over to borrow a sander.
    That was the start of our secret sexual relationship.

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