Surprised by my Ex

I'm a contractor and i took a job to do some repairs on a rental property that is occupied. I had been working outside for most of the day the headed into the garage to fix the garage door opener.

It was late in the day when i finished in the garage. much to my surprise my ex walked out the door into the garage and headed for her car in the driveway. she had dumped my ass a few years back and broke my heart.

back then she was 30-40 pounds overweight but still a beautiful woman. she is 5'7'' Blonde blue with really nice 36D t***. She has always been shaved from the neck down.

Today when i saw her i almost didn't recognize her. this woman had a killer body that reflected a lot of work and attention. she was wearing a white crop top that nicely framed her t*** and her stomach was cut. she had a six pack. if that wasn't bad enough, she was wearing low rider jeans that were a little loose at the waist band. i could actually see down the front of her jeans a little to the top of her shaved mound as her hip bones held the jeans away from her flat stomach. As she walked to her car her ass looked round and hard. she always had a fine bubble butt.

I called her name and she turned to see me for the first time. her blue eyes looked p*****. I guess she thought I was stalking her until I explained why I was there. I wanted so bad to get back with her. she was f****** gorgeous but, in a hurry, to go. she blew me off as i tried to ask if we could get back together. she accused me of hurting her but I don't remember ever doing that.

sometime things suck!

May 13

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