Not my boyfriend's daughter

I've never been faithful to my boyfriend and our daughter isn't his but are our son is night at work i was involved in a g******* with 9 men and the following day i had s** twice with a cousin who i had strong feelings for.i secretly done a DNA test and know my boyfriend isn't the boyfriend now knows i have cheated and i was surprised by his reaction.i never told him about my cousin but the other men i slept with and it turned him on.i did mention that i found my cousin hot and i would have s** with him just to see his boyfriend was turned on by the thought and f***** me on the living room floor.afterwards my boyfriend said to me that he wanted me and my cousin to hook up then tell him all about it .I contacted my cousin to say we don't have to sneak around and that my boyfriend has given me permission.its been a month of having s** in the same be i share with my boyfriend later followed by getting f***** by my boyfriend after giving him all the dirty day not to long ago my cousin turned up just before my boyfriend was leaving and immediately started ripping off my clothes and my boyfriend was enjoying what he was seeing.right in front of my boyfriend my cousin forced me down to start giving him a b****** and after a little encouragement my boyfriend joined in.taken up to bed i was f***** by them both, double stuffed was the best.

May 14

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  • Only thing better than DP is having 3.

  • Yeah sure... This totally happened

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