Hopeful sissy.

I am a 57 year old married man. I have been a secret crossdresser most of my life. As a man in my normal life, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be with another man. But it seems that I do actually have a feminine side that can't be denied. When she takes over, I absolutely must adorn women's attire. When she takes over I even catch myself wondering about what it would be like to try to please a man as a woman. But that was just wondering and fantasizing, I would just ** and be done with it for a while. But now ? OMG, I've found out that I may not be just a crossdresser, I truly believe that I would love to try being a real mans sissy **. Although the thought of it sometimes scares the ** out of me, it's truly something that I long to try at least once. It may never happen but at least I was able to confess it. Thanks for reading this. WILLOW 💋

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  • I hope you can follow through on your sissy dream and can receive loving support from your wife.

  • Willow, you need to be “taken” by a firm but gentle masculine man. If you can’t get that at least tell your wife… she may already know. She might be more open to it than you think.

  • Oh, and I totally agree that I NEED to be "taken" by a firm but gentle masculine man. That's actually been a long standing fantasy of mine. Thank you again for responding to my post. 💋

  • I did finally tell her about the crossdressing. She even took pictures of me in different outfits. I wasn't crazy about the way I looked in most of them, but I'm wondering on that. I've bought a new blonde wig and even got a corset. Haven't tried them out yet but I'm sure I will. The one set of pictures that she took and that I absolutely loved was me in my French maid outfit. Couldn't help but notice that I had a constant big smile on my face the entire time I had it on as opposed to the other outfits that were dresses, skirts with blouses and skinny jeans with blouses. The last one I put on was the French maid outfit and I even proceeded to do some housekeeping while wearing it. That's why she was able to get more pictures of me in it. I just LOVED the way it made me feel. Thank you for your response to my post. 💋Willow.

  • Where are you located?

  • I am in Rhode Island. I would really like to at least chat with someone as WILLOW, If you're interested.💋

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