So done.

18 months ago my boyfriend lost his job due to covid, We were renting an appartment and fell behind on rent, The landlord came over and talked to us, He said he was willing to work out a solution with us but nothing he offered fell within the bounds of what we were able to come up with, I was working part time and my boyfriend had picked up some odd jobs here and there and it just wasn't enought to cover the bills, Payments, Food and rent.
He said he would think about what could be done and then came back, He told us he would write off the month we were already behind plus the current month and give us a free month to help get back on our feet, We honestly tried to cut costs and save up what we could but over that time we still only had enough to cover one month of rent meaning that after that month we would still not be able to come up with enough to cover the next month. My boyfriend and I had talked to both our parents for money since moving in with our parents was not an option, His live out of country and mine have a one bedroom condo but still only came up with a small amount.
My boyfriend suggested me offering sexual favours and I said no, He kept bringing it up and I kept saying no but when the landlord came around again and said he was going to have to ask us to leave I blurted out "I'll suck your d***", Both him and my boyfriend wer shocked, I started crying and said "F*** it, I will suck your d*** if you let us stay".
The whole room went quiet and he just sat there not saying a word then stood up and walked out. I didn't know what had just happened and my boyfriend was pretty sure w should start packing but he was back within an hour and knocked at the door, I opened the door and he said "2 weeks", I said "Huh?", He said "A b****** will get you 2 weeks", I let him in and my boyfriend went for a walk, He was gone when my boyfriend came back and all he said was "I don't want to hear about it", 2 weeks to the day the landlord was back and asked if we had the other half of the rent, I shook my head no and he stepped inside, This time he told my boyfriend he had to stay so he did, He stayed and watched me swallow aour 44 year old landlords load, I am 19 by the way and my boyfriend is 21.
The next month he was back and first thing he said was "No more b*******, So for 12 months he goes home and must come up with new and more F'd ways for me to make the rent payment so here it is.
1st month - 2 b*******, One while my boyfriend watched.
2nd month - Intercourse.
3rd month - Boyfriend joined us.
4th month same.
6th month - same.
7th month - same but ended with a facial.
8th month - same but with my boyfriend holding my hair back for the facial.
9th month - Me being gagged and choked by him until swallowing.
10th month - Let him video tape me and my boyfriend and double facial.
11th month - Him and boyfriend while I wear a butt plug.
12th month - Me face down, Boyfriend sat on my shoulders jerking himself, Pillows under my hips, Boyfriend holding me down with one hand on my lower back, Landlord licking, Tonguing, Fingering and eventually putting it in my butt while I cried and my boyfriend being told not to let me stop him and him coming in my butt and teelling my boyfriend he can't let me up till he comes on my butt.
I am done, So done, I don't care, I will live on the streets before I let him degrade me anymore and destroy my body, I can't, I won't, I am done, He has destroyed me as a person and video taped all of it but I don't care, I am out.

May 21

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  • I’ve done similar so my boyfriend and I could cover the rent. Our landlord used to ask to watch whilst we f***** and then wanted him and my boyfriend to spit roast me - which they then did almost every week for a few months. I ended the relationship and went back to my parents when they both started wanting to f*** me in the a*** and the landlord invited a friend of his round and they started filming it.

  • You destroyed yourself! You agreed to swap your a****** for rent. No one really forced you to.

  • Me and my boyfriend tend bar and wait tables. During the virus shut down we were in bad money trouble. We both signed up on a site called "SkiptheGames" for escorts. He signed up to escort to older women but got no responses while I was forced to f*** older men to keep us going. His profile did get responses from men wanting to f*** him. Finally I was tired of it just like you. I made him start meeting the men. If I was getting f***** so was he. His first time out he came home nearly crying, complaining his ass hurt! He got so p***** off when I laughed at him. He wanted to quit but I told him I would break up with him if he did. We did it for nearly a year. Made a crap load of money, far more than working at the restaurant.

  • You weren't forced, and you made your boyfriend do it out of spite. He should have left your petty ass

  • Before we were married and for a few years after, my wife f***** the landlord to pay the rent and also f***** other men for free car repairs. I didn't mind since I knew that she enjoyed f****** other men. She saved up a lot of money and we used it for the down payment on our first house.

  • We had a similar situation, my wife and I married hastily while both still in college. That mean no more rooms in the dorms, so we rented an apartment.
    She worked sales in a clothing shop, I pumped gas at a gas station, evening shift. Bad with math and budgets, we fell behind.
    The landlord was a grizzled old guy about 60, my wife and I were both 21.
    He made a few suggestive comments, about my wife "dancing" for him to cover the $100 we were short, so she did, down to topless.
    That progressed until we were a whole month behind, not just short.
    He asked her to dance fully nude, and spread her legs, m********* for him.
    We were desperate, so she did, he sat and stared at her naked for nearly an hour.
    Then he asked for a hand job, so balked at that but finally agreed.
    The old guy pulled out a root that put mine to shame, he was easily twice as big as mine.
    My wife jerked him off, seemed to enjoy it a lot, after he left, we screwed like bunnies. I mentioned where this was heading, she said she knew and would if she had to. So when the time came, I went for a long walk.
    I asked her how it went when I got back, she said she had never had anyone last so long and stuff her so full.
    She told he said it covered the two months were behind, and he would be back next month.
    The next month, I borrowed some money from my folks, and we moved out.
    We even stayed together for another full year, but then went our separate ways.
    We still owed him a month's rent when we left, she went back to cover that, told me about it later.
    P***** me off a little.

  • Haha she's not going back to work off debt that's for sure!

  • Why wait a year? Why not leave sooner?

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