Forced to go without knickers

My name is Vicky and I am 44. My husband has been forcing me for the last year to not wear knickers and short skirts or dresses. He loves it when people see up my skirt and will give me a nudge to tell me when I should open my legs and expose myself. I feel increasingly humiliated but also more turned on as a result. He has told me I now need to come on here and do whatever I am told to do by anyone who wants to also control me. Vicky

May 26

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  • I would make you wear the knickers.

  • I would force my wife to wear a short skirt and go out. Sometimes with no undies. We would go to restaurants or even just to a park. I would make her sit and I would set my camera for red eye flash and get up and take a photo. Her cue was to use the flash to know when to open her legs. I would show her the photo. At home I compiled photo story of photos from nudes at home to out in public with her skimpy attire. Sometimes I would sit her down and we would look through them on my laptop. The humiliation and reminders were good at keeping her submissive.

  • Hi - you gave my husband some ideas there! He ordered me on Friday to go out without knickers and wearing a really short dress and he then took lots of pictures of me up my skirt. He even asked a stranger to take a picture of us and told me to sit so my naked p**** was showing - the guy spent ages doing the photo. I felt really exposed and worried what this guy was thinking about me. I felt like a bit of a s*** but my husband said it was great and he was so turned on. So I did like giving him oral that night as he was so turned on and really appreciated it. My husband told me to come on here and say thank you for the idea. Vicky

  • Yesterday morning the weather here was nice and sunny. I picked out a short A line skirt for her to wear. I like this one because it only just covers her bum.

    She tried the usual "I'm too old to dress like a 14year old" and I said "are you arguing with me?" and she said "no" and put it on.

    Yesterday afternoon I came home from work and said lets take the dog for a walk. We walked the dog the few streets to the off lead park. We took turns throwing the ball for the dog. I enjoyed that when the wife bent over I could see her undies and sometimes the wind would blow the skirt up and other times if she threw the ball hard then the skirt would flip up.

    On the way home I aske how she felt in her short skirt. She said she "wore it because I had instructed her to wear it". I asked how she felt and she said "humilated". I said I liked it because it was short and sometimes we all saw her undies. She just repeated "humiliated" in whisper. We walked home. Part way I stopped and kissed her and ran my hands under the back of her skirt while kissing her and lifted it up. She stood quietly and kissed me and kept her hands around me and did not try to stop me lifting it. I looked to see if anyone was watching but no one seemed to notice.

  • Hi - my husband loves choosing really short skirts for me, and like I said, he also requires that I don’t wear any knickers. I have to say when he kisses me deeply when we are out and starts putting his hand under my skirt I do love it - although like your girlfriend I feel really humiliated as I know people must then see that I haven’t got any knickers on - but I feel really turned on as I can feel how turned on he is and how happy I am making him. Vicky

  • Before kids, we would often go for picnics and she would wear mini skirts usually with undies but sometimes without undies. For me, having her have to be careful about how she sat was a great turn on. It appeared to me that she was very self conscious about showing her undies. Often associated with the picnic we would go on a bush walk or hike of some kind and it was nice to see her long legs and short skirt and occasional glimpse of her undies as she climbed over a log or up an embankment.

    Her wearing of short skirts became the norm and amongst our friends, she was known as always wearing short skirts. This provided both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, expectation helps to make things happen. On the other hand, occasionally one of her girl friends would talk to her and this had the effect of her becoming resistant.

    One time we visited her parents for lunch and I had her in a mini and she complained to her mom. I was acutely embarrassed but then her mom responded with that it shows her legs off so well and that we all have to make sacrifices for our husbands.

  • Hi - I used to enjoy wearing minis but since being made to go without any knickers it’s been a bit different and quite hard - but yes I love the feeling of trying to hide my naked p**** and bottom so I guess that is nice - just hard work sometimes when we are out. I’ve been exposed a lot in the last week or so in particular and it’s got pretty embarrassing especially as friends and family have now all seen me like that and some are a bit judgey and think I am doing it to be slutty. My husband has said I cannot tell them that he is making me and the more slutty I appear the better for him. Vicky

  • I am ok with it and I believe we can f*** u in front of ur hubby , he would love it.

  • My husband says he would absolutely love to see me being f***** by a random man especially if I was wearing a mini skirt and no knickers and the guy just took me like that and I had no choice. I’ve been asked to ask where you are based? I feel a bit unnerved but I know I have to do what my husband tells me. Vicky x

  • Hi vicky
    I'm Si. I have made my girlfriend for the same. Upskirt in public with no panties. I would love to know how your p**** looks. Tell me what turns you on about showing your wetness in public. Xx

  • Are you shaved?

  • Hi - no, I’m not shaved. Vicky x

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