Sissy hypno made me a full blown sissy, and I love it

So basicially ive always been straight, but (of course there is a but) recently i noticed that the more p*** i watch, the longer i want to be the girl, i wanted to taste another mans d*** inside my mouth, thats when i knew i was bi, at least bi curios. After a few months i started watching sissy hypno and c*** hypno on hypnotube, and i love it, i spent hours there finding the most mind f*** videos. But as im bi i still talk to girls, so there was this one time i had planned to make dinner with a friend of mine whos fully gay, but the same day a girl invited me over later in the night, i struggled to make a choice between p**** or d***, and in my subconscious mind i always heard that voice telling me to suck and reject p****, and thats what i did, i spent the whole night there and he made me make dinner although the plan was we was going to make it togheter, after dinner we sat at the couch watching some series i dont remeber what, but then we started talking more intimatly. i got on my knees after 10 minutes and started to unbuckle his belt and started by kissing the tip of his c***. i then licked his c*** starting from the bottom of his shaft, After the night enden i went home with the taste of salty warm c** in my mouth i i realised that i went to another guy, made dinner for him and sucked him off good, i then understood that the sissy hypno worked and i felt like a true sissy. no regrets.

23 days

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