I'm Having A Lesbian Affair

I am 42 married, no children. While I prefer men, I did experiment in Jr High and high school with my best friend. I thought that was a 'phase' long passed, but after meeting Linda 6 months ago, I have been having frequent s** with her.

I run a one woman salon in a strip mall, and Linda opened a bridal shop next door, kind of at where the shops turn 90 degrees. We started chatting & hanging out during free times, as we could see eachothers entrances and watch for customers. Linda is beautiful, tall Italian American with long jet black hair and olive ski, the opposite of my blonde looks. She is married, no children, and modeled in her teens. Her looks stirred feeling in me, and i thought I caught her gazing at me a few times. I found myself masturbating about Linda.

Eventually Linda made the first move, at the end of the day....stroking my hair sending shivers down my back, and kissing me. I locked my shop and we went to Linda's office which had a couch. While I found out later Linda has an open marriage as far as women are concerned, and many women friends, I've only been with her at least once a week for the last 5 months. I don't feel any guilt, and don't believe this is going anywhere, it is just incredible s** with a woman that excites me.

Jun 7

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  • I am finger f****** myself right now.x

  • Your story is making me so h****. That I am mastering

  • Great story…love those type of stories and honesty 👍🏻

  • I’m so happy for you. Keep me informed

    Nothing is better than a woman and woman. I too am married like Linda but I have had a lady lover for years. I’ve been married for 25 years and haven’t been with another man since my bachelorette party.

    But I have 5 lady lovers and a steady relationship with our neighbor for almost 20 years now. About 10 years ago we started having a threesome with my husband and the s** has been amazing.

    It’s amazing watching your husband pound the woman you love then going down on her and gently licking her quivering p**** clean.

    Since we have been enjoying the threesomes s** with my husband has improved and Andrea and I have grown even closer.

    I hope you can have a similar relationship with Linda

  • Hot idea…👍🏻

  • Keep having fun. Y’all ain’t hurting anybody and you’re both adult & consenting. Enjoy

  • Wow I don't thnk anyoe easked for your conset, but okay XD

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