Used in any which way

Sure i am the big man in the house, have been the dominant figure in this house hold from day 1 onwards...until ... at 62 retired professionally and the two of us moved to another state, nice house.... and mostly had to find new things to do.
One of the new things was a weekly spanking and having to go down on her to make her ''happy'', she said no I will not put you in chastity because you will fully obey me from now on..! i agreed.
We met a somewhat younger couple we invited them to the house during lunch, i made lunch served the drinks and food, collected the plates, cleaned the kitchen and was told to strip naked for a spanking.
The wife of the other couple ordered her husband to do the same, and made us waiting in the barn in the back yard...
He was spanked by his wife and by my wife and I was spanked by him and his wife...
My wife was visibly aroused and picked up the dreaded cane..... after some 30 strokes i felt my butt burning... and yes he came over felt my butt, and privates and asked my wife if i was available for his pleasure .....
The two women held me down whilst he raped me and filled me up with anything he got to give...
The following weeks this ritual became a Tuesday morning special without fail....
Seemingly there is a second ritual on the way by another couple...
i never realized to enjoy being a cuckold or as my wife now calls me a
''to be used in any which way'' as she pleases..

Jun 8

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