I seek vengeance against a former judge for his cold-bloodeness

I prevent myself from doing this due to the obvious fact that I’ll end up in jail, but everyday, I entertain the thought of bludgeoning a former judge to death with a metal pole or Louisville slugger.

I don't like it when a judge yells at me and is cold, unapologetic, ruthless, vicious, dispassionate, unfeeling, callous, cruel, ruthless, brutal, uncaring and unmerciful about it.

And all of this over 3 counts of petit larceny and me skipping a court date--because I thought the community service I did at my college would drop the charges.

Scratch that. I don't want ANY authority figure being cold and dispassionate towards me, especially when I don't intend to dishonor or disrespect them in any way.

Jun 19

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  • If you don’t like the judge, think how much you’ll hate prison. Spoiler alert, they’re not all that nice to you there. Are you really so monumentally stupid that you don’t understand the guy is trying to help you? Never mind. Dumb question. You are.

  • I know how you feel. In HS I got humiliated by a football coach and I almost escalated it to have an excuse to kick his ass. That event still bothers me because I was young and he was supposed to be an adult. I never confronted him but I admit that (even today) it’d be fun to break his hip now (he’s probably 80 now). I will never act on it because I don’t want to end up in trouble.

    That said… if you can keep it civil, get a buddy to videotape while you confront him to let him know how you feel about him now that he’s NOT a judge. I bet he’d s*** his pants.

  • I have a suggestion. Don't commit anymore crime.

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