My fantasies

I am a 32 year old mother of 3
I have always had a high s** drive.
My husband is gone alot so i m********* alot.
I am a small woman I’m only 4’10
100 lbs.
Anyway. I have been not enjoying my self s** times like i use to.
My normal fantasies just got boring.
I would climax with myself but not the long hip thrusting release i have had in the past.
One Saturday morning i was making breakfast and my oldest son came in. I was wearing my white shorts .
My son said mom you have a nice butt.
I said , your but is nice mom.
I was shocked but all i said was thanks.
After breakfast i went to my room. His words talking about my butt complement.
Embarrassed me. Why? Idk
But could not get it out of my mind.
That night i was masturbating and was like usual but then mom you have a nice butt came to mind and i was humping my fingers and came hard.
Not putting too much though in it the next morning i woke up h**** like normal and i was doing it again I thought about what he said and came again.
I made breakfast wearing baggy sweats was nervous around my son.
After breakfast i was so h**** i went to my room and think of my sons words i did it again.
I was h**** all day. When my son came in for lunch just hearing him talk put those words in my mind.
That afternoon i out on my spandex pants.
I thought idk wanted to see if he say it again.
He came in kitchen i was doing dishes he put his hand on my butt and asked if he could have a pop.
I would of said yes too anything at that moment.
I said yes and he patted my bottom and got his pop and left.
Wtf is wrong with me?
Ever since then the past week I cannot stop playing with myself
Think of him. Touching me at first now its him bending me over sink and pounding me from behind. I get in same room with him, i get weak knees.
I think one more time and it will ease my need to come .
My fantasies now are all my son.
Im not a good mom if they only knew.
Or could read my mind

Jan 9, 2020

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  • Hurry up and tell us what has happened since then.
    Just wear some sexier clothes. Maybe even a nighty so he can see that fabulous ašš better. Let him feel that and then you can rub his cóćk while he does. I want to hear how well he füćks you.

  • I think you need to stop worrying and just get on and enjoy your son. Take him to bed.

  • He wants to f*** you for sure and definitely masturbates imagining you naked.
    If he doesn't sniff your dirty knickers and look inside them I'll be very surprised.
    If you're blonde he'll also be wondering what colour your pubes are.
    Have you got s bush ?
    If so somehow let him see it and see his response.

  • What is normal?
    We are so judgemental about what is normal.
    At this time s** with kids is totally wrong.
    Go back few hundred years and girls were married off at 13.
    But in todays world, mom is the adult and should put parenting above fantasy

  • Nobody really knows what normal is I agree but we should question what is right or wrong. Also, is consensual s** between a mother and son really that bad? It never caused me any issues when I used to have s** with my mother. I think the positives out weigh any negatives. Not all incest is bad.

  • You're not abnormal. And your self-stimulation is not hurting anyone. We are sexual beings and when confined in small places with constant contact these sorts of thoughts can spring up naturally. It happens in homes, at work, and of course prisons. The thought may be natural but you would cause immense emotional damage to your son, yourself, your husband, etc. if you acted on it. Forgive yourself and find another outlet. You are going to be ok now that you have gotten this out of your head and into writing. Life is worrisome at times. You are welcome to heal your own thoughts.

  • The thought is natural and the act is also natural. Why do you think it would emotionally damage her son? I know from my experience it can be hugely beneficial.

  • Turn your fantasy to reality. He too have fantasy about you, I am sure. Have frank talk with him and see whether he seeks more from you. If positive, seduce him to bed and enjoy his hard hot c***.

  • Yes I agree I am sure my wife and son are having the same thing and I know she is totally confused and embarrassed by it but I know she would love it as I am completely useless to her funny also my wife is 4’10” to and 110 lbs

  • Ill let you have me if i can have her.petite is me favorite size. And xxx size is next. Along with c*** p**** and do me too

  • Oh hun, he wants you so badly as well! I can only imagine every night he's is bed stroking and moaning your name....

  • Not cool

  • That boy has fantasies about you too sweetheart.

  • Is that normal?

  • Yes 100% normal

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