Maybe It’s Over & Am Dead

Hey reader maybe it’s just words for you but i’m crying while writing this… Lets Start… before some day i told my gf to block a guy on instagram she blocked him but after 2 days i found that she unblocked him again then i asked her why she unblocked so she said he’s just her frnd.. and then i said block him then she again blocked him but when she got to her home she unblocked him again and then i got mad i argued with her and then i told her to block that mf and block your another frnd boy too but before blocking him call that mf and say my bf don’t like when i talk to other guys and she did it… after one day it was our exam me and my gf lives together… so we wanted some stuff for our exam we were unable to find that so she called her that frnd whom i said call him and say from now don’t talk with me… she called him and asked for help and my gf and he was laughing… this hurted me so badly so i brought a cigarette and smoked infront of her this hurted her then we went back to the home she was crying and slept under the bed… it was so heartbreaking for me to see her like that i love her as damm h*** alot… i felt guilty i said sorry i cried i begged i said i wont stop you from anything but still she wasn’t listening to me… then finally she said she don’t wanna live with me and i thought i hurted her as h*** and i have to let her go it’s my punishment to live without her (she is my happiness). then i slept on other bed and she slept on our regular bed… in the midnight when i was sleeping she woke me up and said she will have se*x with other guy infront of me it was real heartbreak mindbreak and soul breaking for me i got mad i lost my self control and started crying as h*** my head was about to explode but she holded me and said she love me alot and she will never do it and she will never leave me she convinced me… and everything was going well for 5-6 days but then she was not listening to me i said don’t do that still she did that… that day i got angry and i unblocked a girl who have crush on me and i just texted her ‘Hi’ but she replied at late night 12 am and i was with my gf so texted her ‘Hi Mom is here i will talk you later’ and deleted the chat… i didn’t chatted anything other… after two days my gf opened her laptop where i logged in my whatsapp she found that chat there and she got upset… now it’s 12:39 am here in India before 10 minutes she said she was so loyal with me and now it hurts her that she was that much loyal with me and now she will be like before (Cheater). i just said do whatever you wanna do your happiness matters for me… and i stared writing my story here and she’s feeling uncomfortable and she want to know what am doing but i refused her to see she got angry and upset again i don’t know guys what will happen next… maybe she will cheat on me… maybe she will breakup with me or leave me…. or maybe she will kill me by having s** with someone infront of me… i will just pray to god that help me plz am really feeling so sad and alone and i need someone to hug and cry and complain about her that she always do wrong with me 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Jun 25

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  • Just breakup already, she clearly doesn’t respect you and both of you want to have s** with other people just break up and move on with your life. How can staying after all that end well? The trust and loyalty has been tested and both parties failed. Leave dude before she f**** a man in front of you

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