I slept with my mother in law

She is Asian and when she saw me hard, she asked "is that it?" We ended up going through with it, but she looked bored the whole time and at the end started looking on her phone at Facebook.

Jun 29

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  • During the lockdown of 2020 I banged my girlfriends mom.
    My gf is a LPN so she was 'essential' and worked long hours. She was packing on the weight too. I know I sound like a j*** but her mom is divorced, sells insurance, looks good for 47 years old. Her mom was constantly tossing shade at my gf for eating junk food.
    I'd spent the night and my gf went to work. I was helping her mom in the back yard and things got hot. Her mom has a hug fake rack and was wearing a thin tank top.
    We went inside, things moved fast and we were in her bed and she was riding my c***.
    We've f**ked a few more times since then.

  • I started f****** my exGF’s mom a couple years back. She is incredible in bed and much better than any girl my age. I just turned 19 this year and the love of my life is 51 and a mother of 5!

  • Wow that’s so HOT. Why is she so much better. Explain

  • Girls my age don’t know how to treat a man. They give terrible head and most of them refuse to let me go deep. I’m 6 foot 4 and hung for a white guy. My c*** is about 8.5 inches long and as thick as a Red Bull can.

    When Mrs Cotten walked in on me while changing out of my swim trunks she smiled and said let me help you with those and pulled my trunks down to the floor and began stroking my c***. It got hard so damn fast then she started sucking on it. She went down hard and deep throated. I only heard friends talk about p***** they had seen. She made me c** in her mouth and slurped it up like a cat drinking milk. Then as she stood up undid her swim top and gave me a sloppy kiss while placing my hand in her bikini bottoms where I felt her hairy wet p****.

    Mrs Cotten then showed me to the bed. Took off her bikini and rode me hard. Her D-cups flapping. But what was amazing was how easily she took my c***. And how good it felt. It was warm wet and felt perfect. It did not hurt like it hurt when I f***** Bailey. Mrs Cotten had multiple o****** and when she o****** I can feel her p**** grasp my p**** a bit firmer and it makes me c** every time

    I also love when she takes all of me and rocks back and forth. I can feel what she calls he “love button” or cervix. It’s so hot to know you are that deep inside and it feels so amazing.

    I love making love to Mrs Cotten. She is a sexy mother of 5. She is old enough to be my mom. And I am the best lover she ever had.

    Oh and that red bush, pale skin and pink areoles are f****** HOT

  • Must be a nymphomaniac. Did she squeal like a rubber duckie? Plus CCP delenda est.

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