East Asians Porcelain White Skin Obsession

I don’t know about Japan these days but the obsession from the Koreans and Chinese to be as white as possible is just beyond anything I can ever comprehend as far as living in Asia currently is concerned. They look to white caucasians as gods for the skin but somehow want more than that. How the ** could human beings be as white as a sheet and what good would that do? In an era of time we’re living in or even so from eons ago, shouldn’t darker or tan skins mean that you’ve worked hard enough, from being warriors or adequately skilled(even for women) in the past to living healthy and sporting in current times? Your overall outlook representation is how positive you really look which includes a myriad of characters like health, chiseled face, good body, etc..and that’s exclusive of the skin color. No matter how “white” you asians have become or achieve now for all the wrong or backward reasons, you’ll never look good if you don’t ever look good. It’s that simple!

Jun 30
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  • Who would want to be brown? Ick

  • Let me guess..you’re probably another skin whitening merchant.

  • "East Asians" are descended from Yagog and Magog, two savage brothers descended from Ham son of Noah.

    You can tell in their recessed foreheads, prominent ridgebrows, high large cheekbones, forward midface growth and forward mouth growth.

    Look up "vintage China pics." They look like Central Africans. Look it up.

  • Sorry, "vintage China photos poor".

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