Halloween at Newark 2014

Last year me and my cousin I’m a 14yo female I’ll call myself L my cousin few years younger then me I’ll call her K if she reads this she will know its her, so we wanted to go to the Halloween ball festival last October outside of Newark but my cousins mother would not allow her to go.
After awhile of convincing her parents to let us go to a sleep over Halloween party instead over at my brothers house they said okay but her parent we ring them the next day. There was actually no party, and my brothers friend I will call him (Steve who much older and mature for his age and I have had a crush on for since he was always over at my parents house) had invited us to go with him and his friend to the ball festival.
That morning we never had time to get our Halloween costumes ready for the fest so we found some toy bunny ears from a toy set from our local news agents and decided to ditch our boring Witch outfits and wear our black high cut swim suits over
some cheap fishnets and pumps.
We set our tents and started me and k started drinking iron brew WKDS I wanted to get Steve drunk and I’m sure he could not keep his eyes off both of us, about half hour of drinking some more tents where being set up around us And we started talking and had a few drinks with these guys’ who set up next to us who actually made an
effort like us to dress up for Halloween. So we all tried to get close to the stage as possible watched the killers (not the real ones) and danced with Steve he could not keep his hands off me k did not seem to be enjoying her self that much but she said she felt weird and I told her its the WKD’s she had been drinking.
Steve started to kiss me and it was amazing! It seemed like hours passed! After the band disappeared we went back to our pitch and the Guys started drinking again, after an hour so I ended up I Steve tent and we continued messing around till and I fell asleep
On his sleeping bag next morning I forgot about K been drunk and found out she had been in the next tent with the guys who turned up and pitched next to us she never did say what happened that night but I know something happened because her fishnets where not under her leotard anymore I feel bad.

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  • My story is here: http://www.confessionpost.com/49938/i-met-someone#comments

  • She slept wiv them

  • S****. There's really nothing better than s****.

  • Both of you are trashy b******. Which iswhy I love you both.....

  • How do u wear fish nets and a swim suit lol haha

  • You kissed your crush... Must have felt amazing. Really happy for you I bet you actually make a cute couple xxx

  • :) xx

  • Sounds like somebody's been watching death note

  • What is that x



  • She did not have s**!

  • Oh. what BS! Of Course they both had s**. Lots of s**.

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • Go away troll

  • Ur p**** might really taste gud, add cream to chill it sometimes, with may be red wine!

  • Wtf!

  • Are you girls on Instagram or fb

  • Yes why

  • What is your profile?

  • Send me your email not posting us for trolls to abuse

  • You are keljay04

  • Yeah she got f*****

  • Wrong.......she found true love......

  • Hahaha

  • Nasty cheap slappers

  • Precisely so^.

  • Troll

  • I think we all know they went there looking for it, and they got it.

  • I didn't have s** your wrong, now leave this confession alone troll.

  • ^ agreed ^ they are both just nasty.

  • Nasty?

  • S**-addicted, c***-hungry, c**-filled freaks. Yes, "nasty". Both of them. All the time.

  • We are not nasty or freaks

  • Both girls are both of those things, obviously. Nasty? Yes. Freaks? Yes. That's not a bad thing, so they don't have to defend it, but it's clear that they are both ALL about s**, and there's nothing they will say "no" to.

  • Clear?... no nothing is clear about this, they where made to dress like that, they got that poor girl drunk and used her.

  • How much did they pay her for s** hahahahahahaha

  • I hope they cummed up her

  • Go away a******

  • You two must have been really, really cold hanging around a festival just in leotard and fishnets block heels lol =)

  • Dressed like s****

  • I wrote this confession last week on Friday and have just received nothing but hate, I didn't go they to sleep with my crush I went becos I fancied him and wanted to know if he was just messing around which turns out he was and had a gf back at uni. I never had s** with him or anyone else in Newark last year we kissed danced and drank that's all.

    I spoken to my cousin as we don't see each other that much know when I did speak wiv her she told me she got really drily I and have drank 4 bottles of wkd and jelly shots and the men in the tent next door where just looking after her because we all where in bed but did hang around with them till around 3am then they left she could not remember what happened with her fishnets she woken up in our tent with just the leotard on and that's it x

  • Poor girl. I feel bad for her

  • I do too and it's my fault she had a bad time there I told her we would have a good time x

  • They probably didn't have s** don't worry she probably just gave him a b******* experimenting while his mate cheered him on

  • R u goin again this year lol

  • Why dress like s luts.

  • Hope she got an HIV check haha

  • Dirty girls I reckon afew guys jerked it off when they saw you two dressed like little slippers hahaha gotta love trashy girls

  • Leave them alone d*******

  • Whores. WHORES!

  • Please leave.

  • These guys are pedos that girl was used. idiot

  • They aren't pedos if the girls wanted it. And these girls CLEARLY wanted it.

  • Errr.. 14 and 12... thats underage, she had a crush not a sexual agender, and the younger girl drinking with two grown men and spending the most of the night in their tent. how is it they wanted it.

  • Ummm, you just explained it.......she drank with 2 grown MEN and then went to their tent with them. And to be honest, it seems unlikely they were the only 2 she had.

  • Lol i reckon she turned 13 now and after school gets into strangers cars and they drop her off home after...

  • Girls like these don't meet any strangers. They know everybody because their f****** everybody. That's why they call them "whores".

  • Sick f***

  • Unlikely s** happened this places are to crowed with other people to let this happen and security would have known

  • Your crush and those two men are prevents and pedophiles and need locking up. They lead you two on and you have nothing to feel bad about. I hope your cousin was okay and was not raped by those sick excuses for humans

  • *pervents

  • Thank you. x

  • I think it would be a better story if they were raped repeatedly. And even better if they were STILL getting raped. Very sexy!

  • She was 12 FFS

  • I tell you what happened, why she didn't explain to you why her fishnets were missing. Those two guys chatted her up told her what she wanted to hear, gave her some of there drink and probably weed let's face it all people that go to these places are on something, they got her more drunk and told your young influential cousin they had more drink inside there tent and it was probably too cold to sit outside and her cousin (you) is having fun with her crush so they take her into there tent, get her more drunk until she cannot stand probably said something on these lines "your older cousin as a bf now do you?" And asked her "ever kissed a guy", she probably said no or something they probably both tonged her and told it would be saver to sleep inside there tent and she did... "Keeping her warm" considering you two are technically dressed in swimsuits and tights... (Who in there f****** right mind would in winter) they probably continued kissing her and taking her clothing off and mostly like both had s** with her both at the same time or one after another, she passed out after getting her first time, decided to get the f*** outta there, stole her fishnets and left.

  • Hopefully she kept her heels on for those lol I reckon one of them filmed it

  • What!

  • You cousin is a stupid little s*** who got her brains f***** out for hours by those two pedophiles. Hope you can live with yourself letting this happen she probably now sleeping around every weekend and after school and will become a hooked getting f***** every night until she gets HIV, true story.

  • S.L.U.T.S

  • Please stop posting on my confession, you all made your point x

  • Comment = OP = cousin is a slapper

  • Rip Innocence. F*** you little hookers

  • Idiot they are not hookers

  • Future hookers

  • Nope. current hookers, present-day hookers, permanent hookers. b****** be f*****. fo money. fo eva. fo sho.

  • What lol

  • WOW u 2 r complete nasty little whores I bet that little s*** of cousin of yours is f***** any guy that wants it now stupid little f****** c** s*** b****

  • Trust me on this one get your cousin checked out for HIV. I know someone who got herps from a festival s** I bet those guys your cousin slept with have probably been barebacking other s**** and most likely hookers as well just saying

  • She was probably shagged by both or at least sucked them off which ever happened they got her drunk they liked how she was dressed and they had fun

  • Yeah one up the ass and one in her p****

  • Why do people assume this

  • Because they are disgusting pedophiles

  • They cummed in her believe me

  • Why should we where you there watching or are you a disgusting pedophile as well

  • Something happened because her fishnets where not under her leotard << You were hinting that something happened, now you are saying nothing happened ??

  • I'm not the OP I said she should be able to dress how she wants with out people thinking she wants s**

  • Stfu. She got pounded because of they way she was dressed

  • Why do I need to stfu because I'm right, explain to me why you think she deserved to be pounded because the way she was dressed... FFS a 12year old girl who in there right mind would want to do that. Not ever guy in that situation would have done that not bases for your poor reply

  • No, she didn't "deserve" it because of how she was dressed. She was "asking for" it because of how she was dressed.

  • Those two men f***** your little cousin. She was probably a virgin. Maybe they made her come.

  • No everyone is a disgusting little pedophile like you! You are vile!

  • Your cousin is a c** dumpster

  • The truth is you and your cousin are both dirty little b******

  • The truth is you have nothing better to do then troll

  • What does troll mean ?

  • Being an a******

  • What is a high cut swimsuit...

  • Don't understand whats happening in this confession. Please somebody explain in english thank you


  • Do they sell condoms at those places lol

  • No why would they

  • For hungry s**** like you and your friend

  • My cousin and she is not a s***

  • Not a s***

  • I hope you are home rn playing with your dolls instead of slutting yourselves around

  • Why are you even on here

  • No. The real Q is why a 14y/o is here on this site ?

  • I wrote a confession because I felt bad even now and I came here for support and get this off my chest and I get abused

  • You were waiting for us to clap for forgetting about your friend ? Or for drinking at the age 14 ? Or kissing a guy who is older ?

  • She is my cousin not friend.

  • Lol you ignored my point and corrected me ? Really ? XD

  • None of them okay

  • Not proud.

  • No not proud of it tbh

  • Comment = OP

  • HIV... AIDS... CRAPS you know unprotected s** with stranger who are probably f****** anything that goes include young girls

  • And no she does not have any of that and nore do I

  • She probably now has at least one of these.

  • Go away

  • Comment = OP ???

  • For little s**** like this

  • Hahaha wkd your an easy datebahahahaha

  • Lol those guys that set up next to you, actually did that on purpose you know.

  • This

  • So while you were being a selfness little s**** your little cousin was being hit up on by some older guys, you f****** stupid little b**** why dress like that and except nothing to happen.

  • This sums it up

  • Why should guys expect something to happen if a girl dress in a halloween costume which just happens to be a leotard over some tights.. you ever been out on Halloween before.

  • Cheap easy girls

  • "her fishnets where not under her leotard anymore"

    does not mean a thing, probably where muddy! and nasty.

  • I didn't get the ( Her fishnest not under her leotard... Etc ) can you please explain to me ? English isn't my first language

  • What? i meant her fishnets not under her Leotard like this image...

    I have been to festivals and concept in the winter and you get muddy quickly, i meant she probably removed them because of that reason the mud lol

  • They meant to do all of this so they get attention from the pedos :&. When I was 14 I cared about nothing but cartoons. Smh

  • Its Halloween not pedo night

  • PEDO's never take a night off.

  • Interesting reading comments indicating the degree to which the line between

  • Where the f** r the parents!

  • Confession blew me away, what happened to your cousin?

  • Why is this confession getting so much heat damn

  • People like you post nasty message like the idiots in this thread

  • Too much slutty kids and pedos.

  • There is that word slutty again... how is this slutty!!!! and nothing as been confirmed to have happened!!! stop bashing this confession for no reason

  • First of all, high cuts swimsuit.. Second the fact that they're underage girls. lastly letting older guys kissing and messing with them.

  • I have a high leg swimsuit there are not slutty. underage maybe the case here but there is no age limit on wearing what they did, guys kissing well she is older enough to say no.

  • She is 14 and a guy kisses her and looks at her with pervs looks and yet she hasn't said a word. This is what makes her s***

  • Kissing does not make her a s***.

  • Lmao :) she is "14" SHE IS UNDERAGE! And if she didn't let him kiss her or anything nothing would happen to her friend. And what about underages drinking alcohol ?? Is that fine with you too ????

  • No underage drinking is not fine by me, but i did it when i was younger and hung out with boy alittle older so what. and nothing happened to her cousin/friend

  • What you and they did is 100% wrong! And how the gell did you know about her cousin ? She was with a bunch of drunk guys and she was drunk herself! Can you f****** Imagine ? A 12 y/o getting drunk with 18+ guys ?!! Thats all because they both are perverts, even though they are not 16+ :&

  • There's nothing perverted about making love to a girl who wants it as bad as these obviously wanted it. They wanted it then, and they want it now.

  • No the only thing pedos wanted is something to had happened

  • How the f*** are they pervs lol, I don't believe they went there for s** she had a crush on a guy like most girls do. I seriously doubt a couple for guys even if '18+' would do anything to a 12yo girl.

  • Lmao you know pedos do still exist right ? And you are just the same as them, wearing and doing slutty stuff so thats why you are defending them. When you get older and have kids let your 11 old girl hang out and kiss older guys if you see its fine :)

  • I actually wear mine swimming, they are used by playmate bunnies and I have seen they being worn in the town during halloween, wearing this stuff for one night of the year is not slutty.

  • Like I said. Dress your future kids like this and send them with group of older guys if you see nothing is wrong by hanging out and kissing older guys. ;)

  • I would not allow my kids to dress like this.

  • See ? So stop saying what they did was fine! Stop being selfish. You wouldn't want that to happen to your kids so dont support that s*** ^

  • I don't support 'that s***' but all thats happen in the confession I read was a girl had a crush she kissed him big deal, and her cousin was hanging around with some guys anyone would think they all had taken turn with her.

  • Lol It ain't that simple! They got drunk and those pedos f***** her 12y/o friend. Im done with you. You are nothing different from them. You are a perv who likes olders. F*** you

  • Ok bye

  • Wow you girls are complete f****** little sluuts nice little outfits I googled them and you girls dressed like that are just asking for it f****** little tarts

  • " ended up I Steve tent and we continued (messing around) till and I fell asleep " Says the b**** who is FOURTEEN years old. F*** them little b******

  • Is that because you would have

  • LOL just read the confession and cannot believe this goes on, seems one did get f***** twice in one night little prostitutes hahahaha

  • A****** why can a girl not dress like that a not be called a s*** d*******

  • They are being called s*** for letting older guys lay their hands on them.

  • "I googled them and you girls dressed like that are just asking for it f****** little tarts"
    yeah it may be a little inappropriate but this are worn by swimmers and gymnastics not tarts

  • Your friend has Aids.. Congrats

  • No she does not have that

  • Not everyone has aids.

  • Why aids I doubt anything happened

  • Aids at 12 not good

  • But pregnancy is good?

  • She is not pregnant I have seen afew time since then

  • I doubt anything happened...

  • Yeah her brains where probably f***** out

  • That younger girl got banged

  • Sicko

  • No, seriously. The younger one got banged to h*** and back. And she's still getting banged. In fact, by now, she's probably getting serious ass bangs. And you KNOW . . . she f****** loves that s***!

  • Just because they could not find her does not mean she was inside there tent having s**.

  • You deserve the bad feeling + Your friend deserves to be raped for drinking while being underage. And those m*********** pedos should be in jail.

  • That's harsh no one deserves to be raped few years younger then her is 12! That's wrong

  • And underaged people should not drink alcohol! Life isn't a mess

  • They were probably given it from those jackasses still those perks should know better and I bet it was the guys idea to make them dress like that

  • They are f****** fourteen! They are not 7 or 8 y/o!! They understand what is wrong and what is right! If they were good girls they wouldn't accept drinking, dressing like s****.

  • Actually if you read the confession the younger one was 12 and I highly doubt she knows what dressing slutty is! And how is what they are wearing slutty! A girl should able to wear what she likes with people calling her a s***.

  • Lets just let the clothes sub aside, what about them drinking ? Allowaing older guy to kiss her and such ? If she hasnmt done anything of that her poor friend wouldn't end up in those guys tent.

  • True her friend so have watched out and underage drinking causes this s*** to happen. Parents are too blame too probably abut slutty of the older one but being alone in a tent with two guys is bad news. I hate to admit but something probably did happen like I said guys don't get girls drunk for a joke. And fishnets sends the wrong signals out and why would they have been removed Halloween is October and it's freezing best of time

  • What is a high cut swimsuit

  • So you two went dressed as hookers

  • Does not

  • Ignorant s***, dressing like a bunny does mean your a h***** f****** piece of s*** pedo

  • Little slags

  • I reckon at least one of those guys busted his load in her mouth minimum

  • It seems clear it was never just the guys in the next tent. These little b****** were cruising c*** all over the place, all night. They just wanted it seem less depraved, so they said it was just those guys. The b****** were going from tent-to-tent, taking all the f******* they could get. Their p****** were overflowing with c** all weekend.

  • Your just sick. if they drank that much i don't they could walk.

  • Lol just read this comment lol, thats why they dressed in fishnets leotards and heels

  • S****

  • What the h*** where you doing with a guy 18+ your only 14!!!! FFS!!! he is a perv getting you to dress like a bunny s*** he wanted s** and nothing else. those other two men i guarantee something happened in that tent nobody in there right mind entertains someone that young with drink to not do something

  • Those guys that asked you to dress like that are PERVS!!!

  • Playboy bunnies lol

  • You and your so calle friend are perverts, and those guys are disgusting pedos

  • Leave the girls alone

  • They SHOULD leave hanging out with 18+ guys.

  • Just because they where hanging around with guys older does not mean they wanted s** or anything

  • They did. That guy kissed her and she enjoyed it! They accepted wearing slutty clothes just because a guy asked them! They are perverted lil fuckerss

  • How is that slutty clothes lol

  • How the f*** are these girls ill!

  • True you saying they just hung around for s**

  • Perverts what do you mean, how are they prevents? and the other two guys would have had to have done something before being a pedo

  • Disgusting, it's quite possible seeming you all f***** off and left her with those guy they were just looking after her! Just because she was inside tent does not mean they both had s** with her.

  • She said her cousins fishnets tight where missing... idiot why take them off in winter to be cold! she would had to take the leotard off to remove them, they probably played spin the bottle with her and ended up having s**

  • They tag teamed that little girl. They probably came all over her face and she was loving every minute of it!

  • No they never sicko

  • Of COURSE they tag-teamed those little whores! No doubt about that. The little whores wanted it, they asked for it, and they got it.

  • How the h*** does a 12 yo ask for it! she doesn't even know at that age what IT is.

  • You both are f***** up. You should be sitting your a**** in your hosue and play with Barbie. You are underaged and ya have done all this. What would you do when youre older. ???

  • Don't understand whats so bad about this confession

  • Underaged drinking causes situations like this. Hopefully she wasn't actually raped.

  • She wasn't raped. Because she WANTED it!!!!!!

  • Her cousin is 12 i doubt she wanted anything...

  • What would two guys in their twenties what with a 12yo funny getting her drunk or something?

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