I let my friend celebrate his birthday with my wife for 3 days

My friend and wife have their birthdays a day apart from the other and they both get along quiet well. I would always invite him for my wife's birthday every year for the past decade but since covid he wasn't able to be there for her birthday and it was a little disappointing for her.
Since she has always seen him every year for her birthday and also he would bring her gifts every year but since the pandemic hit he didn't show up.
After 3 years of absence on her birthday my friend comes home with gifts unannounced. We weren't expecting him to show up but he did a day before her birthday.
I had actually planned for a 3 day vacation on my wife's birthday but she was so happy to see him that we decided to cancel the trip and that's when I thought instead of cancelling the booking why don't I just send them both away.
And that's what happened they both went together for 3 days.
I'm very possessive and I don't know what came over me that I let this happen. I sometimes regret that I allowed this to happen but I also feel very excited that I allowed this to happen.
My wife since has always expressed her gratitude to me and my friend hasn't met me and texted me since then.
But I am aware what might have happened but I haven neither spoken to my wife or my friend about that.
To be honest I'm actually very excited for the next year but the same time I'm very possessive.
I still don't know what happened to me.

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  • My husband always lets me ** who I want on my birthday. He is always there to watch and/or join in. He also likes sloppy seconds and the clean up. He is is the best ** present I have ever had. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • You should plan a vacation for the three of you. Probably get a hotel room with one king size bed and tell them that you thought that you reserved a room with two beds. Then have your wife get in the middle. During the night, I expect that you will wake up and get to watch your wife and your friend **. After they finish ** your wife. I know that it will feel fantastic!

  • Cuckholding faggort.

  • Bro. Seriously. Wtf. You are officially a cuckhold. How does that make you feel. Stick your hand into your pants and check to see if you still have your stones. Man the fvck up, dude.

  • I do not understand what is your problem. They went away for 3 days, then your wife returned to you - if I understand well your story. Your wife is still your wife - use her as husbands use their wives - and be satisfied. If this works well - there is no problem - I think. The next year? Be aware - and ask them in time about their purposes. That will be interesting.

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