Gas attacks!!!!

At the age of 10,I visited my older sister and I let a fart and she said it smelled like her scrap bucket. One time I was doing sit ups while my sister held my feet down and when I sat up,I let a big one rip right in her face. 7 th grade, I was sitting in class and had really bad gas and accidentally let out a fart the size of Texas and the girls in the class blamed it on my best friend Shanna and they said, Shanna! She asked,what? They said,you farted! She said, no I didn't! They argued, yes you did! That came from your side of the room. When the bell rang,I stepped out in the hall. Shanna looked at me and asked, Did you hear what they said? I said,What's that? She said, they accused me of farting and if I find out who did it I'm killing them. When I was 22 and still married to my ex, I was laying on my stomach on our bed and he went and layed his head on my butt. I told him to get off but he ignored me. I said,I know my butt is as big and comfy like a pillow but please get off. He still didn't listen so I had to let a big one rip right in his face and he jumped up,running outside the bedroom in the hallway looking at me like a person that had snuck up on a sleeping cat or dog and waking it with a surprised look.

Jul 8

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  • Hey - you got you going well. Sounds like you’ve got a nice a$$&? We all need to let ‘‘em rip

  • Yes I have a big nice a$$ and my farts are even bigger!!!🍑💨

  • Not sure what type of response you’re expecting.

  • Just whatever anyone wants to say. If they want to say that's disgusting, that's unlady like,God you got more gas than a helium balloon, you can reply with a OK,you can say I'm weird, you can admit you have the same problem, or you can not say anything at all or even just use emojis such as the eye roll or the laugh emoji. It doesn't matter it's just a funny confession.

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