Mortified mother!

My 14 year old daughter was in bad shape last week after staying overnight with a friend. When I pressed the issue she said he stomach hurt and I could see she was walking very gingerly as if each step hurt. I took her to our family physician. He took her in for an exam. When she came out the doctor asked for me. He seemed kind of nervous so I was immediately worried. Then he explained what was wrong. Her ** and uterus were badly bruised from ** with someone with a very large **. He gave me prescriptions for an antibiotic for some minor tearing and something for the pain. He stated that she insisted the ** was consentual.
I was so embarrassed! My talk with her went no where. She wouldn't tell me who the boy (or man) was or an age. She insisted she just had to get used to his size.

Next Confession

Business groups are stupid..

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  • It sure wasn't me and I have the evidence to prove it.

  • The face that you’re a poofter works for you this time.

  • This is the most Jewish ** ever!
    So obvious

  • You’re the biggest example of a gloryhole gobbler ever!
    So obvious

  • What a load of hot ** this story is !

  • Aww, you Pedo Poofters get so uppity.

  • Update!
    I'm the mother and OP.
    While my daughter was sleeping late, I checked her messages on her phone. I found out she was trying to join a group at school. To enter, all the girls must have ** with all the guys. The final test was to have ** with this guy because his ** is the biggest.
    My daughter spent the night texting him. He asked when she'd be healed to have ** again. She replied that she's ready for him along with pics of her **!
    btw; my daughter has been telling me she's still hurting.
    I knew my daughter had to work this afternoon so I told him to come by. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind.
    He arrived wearing baggy workout shorts. I could tell he was already hard. He was shocked I answered the door and I told him to come inside. I started yelling at him and he dropped his shorts. OMG! He's as thick as a Red Bull can and 12 inches long! He told me he came her to **. I told him I would let him ** me if he promised to leave my daughter alone because he hurt her so bad the last time. I told him I've had 3 kids and can handle his **.
    I sucked and ** him! When he finished he called his friends and I ** them too. When they finished they told me I'd had ** with the same guys my daughter had and I was a member of their group too.

  • Did you loose all inhibitions when you saw the size of his **? Respectfully asking g, are you caucasian and is he of African descent?

  • Did you feel him deep in your guts? Did he hurt your tummy too?

  • YES!!!
    He f***ed me so hard, I was raw, loose and sore. When his friends arrived, I asked if a*** counts?
    They gladly f**** my ** until it was loose. I also took all their loads there too.
    My cervix was sore the next day but not bad enough for pain medicine.
    The next time, I'm going to allow the big guy in my **.

  • When he was pounding you in your **, was it **?


  • Did you enjoy it? Do you want to do it again? Are you married?


  • I am married. We did not use condoms because I had my tubes tied 6 years ago. They tag teamed me again last night. My husband is in Miami golfing with friends and my daughter went to a party. I got a message they were coming over to f*** me again. They did. After everyone had a turn in my ** and **, the big guy pounded my **.
    My cervix is sore today but my ** is ready for more.

  • It seems like you enjoy the extra ** outside of your marriage. You enjoy it? How will this continue when hubby gets home?

  • My marriage is 'open' and we're also swingers. I usually hook up with men my age. This was my first BBC and also the first time with guys much younger too.
    I can't believe how big their black ** are and their stamina.

  • Does your daughter know about the deal you made with these young studs? Is there a possibility that your daughter is still getting pounded by the red bull stud at her friend's house? Is it possible that these young men will show up at your house and take both of you at the same time? Both of you in front of your husband? Maybe it has already happened? Please update us. We enjoy hearing the juicy details!

  • You sure 'me too' the ** out of that guy! Just pulled his ** out huh?

  • You're full of ** - this never happened.

  • You were not there! It did happen that way! I forgot to mention I had to do ** the other guys. The first guy f*** me so hard, I was raw, loose and sore. When his friends arrived, I asked if ** would count? They gladly f**** my tight **. I took all their loads there too.
    That was yesterday, my cervix is still sore but not bad enough to go to the dr. My ** is back to normal.
    They agreed to stop having ** with my daughter but I'd need to be available to f*** anytime they wanted to f***.
    The next time, I'm going to allow the biggest guy in my **.

  • Ignore that gutless troll.

  • As a parent of a 14 yr're full of **

  • Apparently your 14 yr old is a nasty lesbian - my 14 yr old daughter is nearly 6 foot tall and could probably walk into a bar and get served

  • To all of the ** comments. I am the mother. I have tracked down her secret boyfriend. He is 17. She didn't want to reveal his identity because he is actually her best friends boyfriend. I have spoken to his mother in a very uncomfortable conversation. It was not fun to ask another mother about her sons ** size. And yes, she confirmed he fits the description.

  • Wow, I remember my first big **. Women that say size doesn’t matter are fooling themselves. Nothing better than being stretched out and having your insides rearranged. Lucky girl!

  • Yessssssss deep in those guts! Best reason to end up with a tummy ache!

  • She was ** regardless you need to ask her what happened this is extremely serious

  • Not a good start for sexual initiation ... she might have been gang-**.

  • I would really look into who was around her for any possible man. If it was a man,that's ** and he needs charges filed on him. If it was a boy,she needs to go to the health department for birth control.

  • Our daughter is 15 and finially made her First Holy Communion last month on June 5 with the 7 year olds.So that she would fit in,she had to wear a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and the white shoes and under her dress a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and rubberpants.After her party,she went to her boyfriends house to hang out and show him her outfit.She came home over 4 hours later and told me she was feeling sick so i quizzed her on what she ate or drank and nothing out of the ordinary!She then confessed that her boyfriend got her communion dress off of her and got aroused seeing her in her diaper and rubberpants.She then told me that he got her to her knees and made her give him oral ** and that she swallowed his **.Then she told me that three of his buddies came over and they saw her and got aroused and she had to give them oral ** also and that she swallowed their ** also.I was shocked! I told her that was probably why she was feeling sick!

  • In the 80's (while in high school) a friend of mine had ** with an older man. She was probably 15-16 and he was in his mid 20's. Back then there was a statutory ** thing and anyone OVER 18 couldn't touch anyone UNDER 18.
    But they did! She had to go to the hospital with an ** tear and got a few stitches. Her mom didn't want the news spread so they ignored it.

  • Put her on the pill or expect an interracial baby

  • Those white boys seem to be getting bigger

  • Plenty of white whoppers out there. Just that ** only fetishises the black ones.

  • I don't know if he is white, black or an alien.

  • Wonder what country you are in? I would have thought that the doctor would have to report this under mandatory reporting laws.

  • Consent in this state is 16. The doctor (and myself) do not know the age of the boy or man. Daughter is still keeping her mouth shut on that.

  • Huh yeah, dream on size queen...

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