The end of the world

The world is gonna end before our natural lifespans are over. Any of us, unless you’re reading this at 70 years old or terminally ill. America is crumbling and the people will revolt, and we’re running out of clean water and our food is so full of poisons and microplastics we have a higher chance of getting cancer than other countries. Women are losing our rights and in so many countries have none. Our society is run by people who only care about their world, one completely disconnected from us. And I’m putting it on this site because I’m so tired of saying it, of begging my friends to register to vote and not litter and stop saying so many ** slurs and horrible jokes that normalize the torture we’re putting our planet and our people through. Where are the humans? What can we do to fight, to save our earth? I’ve been suicidal most of my life but nowadays I just want to because I feel like a piece of ** for existing as a human and contributing to the destruction. Or even snap and go on a roadtrip to visit all those ** stiff collared politicians playing games with human lives and paying the media to cover up their dirt. What else can I do? No one is listening.

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  • Lighten up Francis and stop listening to climate retards and hypocrites.

  • I don’t care about hypocrites, I’m looking at the countless studies (not the articles about them, the published research papers from credible sources) on how the earth is dying. It’s not retarded to care about that. There are women being brutally attacked and murdered all over the world just for being women, and no one stops them because everyone supports it. There are animals being tortured horrifically, beyond words. There are species losing not just their homes but their entire ecosystem, and with it any chance of surviving because humans wanted the ‘resources’. We have made so many entire species of animals go extinct, just by letting this go on. Elephants are literally born with PTSD, terrified of humans because we’ve treated them so terribly that it’s in their genes to be afraid. All the comments are just talking about who’s to blame but it doesn’t matter, we all know who’s really at fault but that won’t change anything. I don’t care about them anymore. When they try to jump ship and fly away from the mess they made I’ll make sure I’m there to shoot them down. I just want to save the Earth, and hopefully find people to save it with me.

  • What studies? If there are credible studies you should have no problem listing them here.

    Bet you won’t, liar.

  • Climate change-

    US working class being ruthlessly exploited by corporate elite-

    Here’s a few. Studies show people don’t respond well to arguments made on the basis of facts and sources so that’s why I didn’t include them at first. If you want the proof of that you can Google it.

  • After Covid and Diaper Don showed just how stupid we are as a country, I gave up-- I'd been feeling burnt out anyway. I've been trying to tell people for years that there is a lot more toxicity in our society and daily lives than most are willing to see, that there are a lot more a$$holes running around loose than anyone I tried to tell would hear. Apparently I was just being "negative" and "bitter". Welp, looks like I've been vindicated several thousand times over at this point.

    We're sliding very neatly into fascism here in the "Land of the 'Free'", driven by the right while the left stands around clutching their pearls and whimpering over lower-priority ** like pronouns. Both sides are absolutely to blame for all this, for very different reasons.

    At this point, I'm just going to take care of myself, watch over my loved ones, and get high on a regular basis. I did what very little I could to stem current events and was dismissed. Go cry for the demise of this world somewhere else. It deserves what's coming.

  • Covid was a political ** game.
    Look at the timing of the next virus…Monkepox.

    BTW, Biden is the diaper-wearing dope.
    The left are the ones in power and Pelosi & Co running the country into the ground.

  • Ikr the worlds going to ** but it's not your fault

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