Came out!

Hey hey hey!! I'm the 13 y/o that made the "Trans" post a few days ago. Faced lots a homophobia and "you're being manipulated!!" bs, hurt at first, but I decided that even if they didn't accept me, I accepted myself, so who tf cares???

So I came out to them yesterday. And they completely supported me. My brother lent me a binder of his, and I've never felt happier. I told my dad first, obviously, and he even told me he was proud of me.

So idk what you dumbos were talking about. There was SIGNS I was a guy.

I never liked playing as female or feminine characters in games, I would constantly pretend to be a guy in online chat rooms, I'd always practice my "dad voice", I tried distancing myself from "girly things", and I even hated my name for as long as I can remember. But after I found out what transgender was (which wasn't "planted in my brain". My parents never talked about stuff like that growing up, I found out by a HOMOPHOBIC TEACHER IN 2ND GRADE. I had to ask THEM. Not the other way around.) I found that I heavily related to it. The dysmorphia, the thoughts, the hatred of myself, everything. So I started doing so much research, and finally grew the b**** to come out around late 2019. But, that's also when my brother came out, so I stayed silent.

Fast forward a few months, and I start thinking I'm a fraud because I still haven't found a name for me. I hated myself, thinking I was a liar, a fake, and was just doing it all for attention. So I stayed silent even longer. Earlier this year, an online friend called me "Michael". It was a joke, since we were making fun of some Fnaf fan videos, and my son said "Hey Michael, that your family?" since I acted a lot like the ones in the videos (sadly). That's when I realized I liked the name, and finally grew the courage to come out. Course I waited a bit to do it, and now I've never been happier.

So f*** most of the people on this site!! I'm the happiest I've ever f****** been, so you can all suck my soon-to-be existent p****. Can't believe the total stupidity you guys have. Saying you'd kick out your kid, and I've been brainwashed!! I'm not being brainwashed by my family, I'm being brainwashed by YOU. You f****** are pushing YOUR views onto ME. My grandma's homophobic. She doesn't support the lifestyle, but she supported me. She didn't ignore me, she didn't just push it aside. She heard me out, and accepted me. So if you're going to sit here and tell me, a f****** child, to wait, just shut up. I'm going to do what I feel I have to do for ME. I've been thinking of others for 12 f****** years and I'm done. I'm done being pushed around, I'm done being ignored. I'm not your damsel in distress, I'm f****** happy.

My names Michael, and I'm trans. I'm actually happy, unlike you fuckwads. Eat my d***.

Jul 17

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  • You’re clearly delusional.
    What happens in your anime world doesn’t square with the reality of the real world.
    Your Gender Identity Disorder is real.

    So called trans people have a 40% suicide rate. It could be lowered if they sought mental health assistance.

    You can call yourself whatever you want but your chromosomes are the same since birth.

    Oh, and f*** your pronouns!

  • I am an older man with a huge fetish for young trans (both ways). So all this crap in schools pushing and converting kids trans is just giving me years of future kinky s**. Your confused mentally ill ass will get used and probably even sold at some point.

  • Too bad you'll never be treated like real men actually are. If you were you'd never want to be a man. You'll still be treated more like a woman so you'll be ok,

  • Can't wait to share a urinal with you at the public toilet... Congratulations..

  • Fake post - but just in case... You don't have a d*** and you'll never have one! Packers, strapons, c*** pumps, surgery... All fake!

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