Radical Republicans

It's amazing how R's are willing to destroy this country just to keep their jobs. Also I can't figure out why so many idiots believe the crap they say. Look the stuff up you fools. You will see that 90% of the things they say are lies. If you don't ...

"There are none so blind as those who will not see"

30 days

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  • Yeah, ok. If it were left up to republicans there would be no Soc. Security, Medicare or a min. wage. We would all be working for big business and industrialists for pennies a day. If you get sick that's just too bad because there would be no health care. Rep. have just one policy and that is to get all the power so that companies can line their filthy pockets more than they do now.

  • The Republican party have been the inept opposition. The Democrat party has been engineering a communist takeover going back to 1913. If you support the democrats then you're voting for your own impoverishment.

  • LOL there sure are a lot of radical republicans that that believe all that bullshit responding

  • Sure are a lot of extremist democrats that believe the bullshit that the OP spewed.

  • So, how many genders do you dems have these days? Last I heard is was in the hundreds, but with all furries and trans species I guess thousands by now.

  • The USA is finished.

  • Bring back Donald Trump! Make America great again!

  • If you like living under an autocratic ruler, then go to Russia!

  • Autocratic lol, stop using words you don't know the meaning of.

  • Trump was no autocratic ruler. Your Chinese-owned ass has you spewing BS.

  • Hi, I'm an indoctrinated public-school educated suburban Gen-Z who thinks that the planet is going to melt away, everybody's racist and we should be ashamed of ourselves.
    F*** off already!

  • You mean democrats ... they are running the country ... check your facts.

  • Sure. And Susan Rice/Obama running the Biden puppet show aren't ruining the country economically? How about radical LEFTISTS burning cities down, climate activists slashing people's tires, and attempting to kill SCOTUS justices? You're an idiot.

  • Unlike nearly beating police officers to death and say they are there to kill people just over a lie?

  • That was bullshit reporting and has been summarily debunked by videos.

  • Not sure what you're talking about.

  • That figures

  • The r***** running the White House (Susan Rice, not n*******) is strategically depleting the national emergency petroleum reserve. Climate change's agenda is fake and the left uses it as a weapon. I just hope that I live long enough to where the USA is not Venezuela. The left's Saul Alinsky communist agenda adoption is certainly a lot further along than I ever thought possible. The left has had power for 20 months and still has not passed a federal marijuana bill (which I support as a, for the most part, Libertarian). They also will never push the abortion thing again as it will always be a talking point. They have ZERO solutions.

  • Don't worry. Kamala will fix everything while smoking a joint and listening to Tupac..

  • Agreed.

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