I fell in love with my wife when she was my 'nurse'

When i was 21 I was in an accident that left me laid up for months. A family friend had a young daughter who wanted to become a nurse. She was barely 15 at the time but right in front of her was a real case and she could find out if nursing was her calling.

Her duties included sponge baths, changing the sheets, helping me from the bed to the wheelchair and back onto the bed, supervising bedridden exercise, helping he to the toilet, feeding, company and entertainment.

For the first weeks I was to weak to sit up. She hand fed me, bathed me, helped with toilet use, and sat with me reading or watching the 12 inch black and white tv. She was all business.

Over time we talked and in one silly discussion I told her I had never seen a naked girl, in magazines yes, but never for real. She showed me her b****, and then stood by the bed and pushed down her pants and let me look and touch. If I had never seen a naked girl the leap to being a virgin wasn't a problem.

Once I was off pain medications she washed my p**** and holding her nose she worked with her hands and mouth to get me relief. She had discussed the proper procedures with of all people her mother. I don't know if it was a case of Florence Nightingale or just h**** desire for the girl sucking your p****, but it what it is, the minute she picked up my p**** she was committed for life.

With five kids she doesn't have time for nursing. She's a natural when it comes to being a Mom, and wife. I can only say that the BJ that day cemented the deal.

26 days

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