It all started with my mom’s bra and girdle set

Mom had a pink bra and girdle that for some reason made me get excited, I was about 13 yrs old and one day I decided to try them on and wow what a feeling.So one night I snuck out of the house after midnight when all were asleep and decided to go out side dressed in the bra and girdle,oh I forgot to mention they had garters for stockings and I put on the stockings which made my p**** really hard.When I left the house I was just wearing the bra and girdle with stockings and cut thru some back yards to a side street and was hiding behind some bushes when an old man came up behind me and scared me and I ran out into the street where a city bus was going by slowly and he tooted and waved,I got excited and ran as fast as I could to find a place to hide a get my thoughts and bearings as to where I was. I never anticipated this and my heart was beating out of my chest hoping not to get caught.All this happened back in the late 60s and I had raging hormones and a strong fetish for womens underwear and a need to run around at night in girls bras and panties and my favorite,gaterbelts and stockings,sometimes I would get caught by someone watching out a window and I would stand there and not notice which made me get excited and I would rub my c*** and sometimes even c** and then I would head for home,running and hiding all the way…Mom never knew about my escapades at least I don’t think so,my sister was a different story but she was was older and kinda understood my compulsion and would at times let me wear some of her dresses and underwear, and shoes to,all I had to do was do her laundry and iron it and I did this while running around in bra and panties,she loved teasing me.Ohh the days when was a h**** little boy roaming the neighborhood in girls underwear.Only got caught once when I was visiting an old man about 88 yrs old and I knew he didn’t see that well so I stopped by one day wearing a pair of white panties with some ruffles on the back side they were a full brief so there was a lot of ruffles. I went into the bathroom and took off my pants and came out and went into the living room where he was sitting and said u don’t mind if I set in here with my bathing suit he said fine as I walked by him to set down on the chair next to him he reached out and touched my arm and spun me around and saw the ruffles and began to laugh because my p**** started to get hard and he told me any time u want to dress up I could come over and play around in my underwear and dresses He loved the entertainment.And I was in pantied bliss acting out my fetish in front of someone…🤭

Jul 30

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