Of all the people I had to run into her, and her male mentor

I'm a 31 year old stage actor in a local company in the city we live in. She is an artist, also 31. We met by chance at a party. That was eight years ago. Being a lesbian was hard for me, although I had feelings for the longest time. I had just not met that girl, not until I met her. Our life is complicated.

She has a mentor, a man who has promoted her work and been the force behind her. But he is a man, and men want women to be thankful and show it. He wasn't very happy to see me in the picture. We were new at being lesbians so the whole process took a lot of time and his presence was something we talked about. I knew that she wasn't going to walk away from him, she was caught and he wasn't into catch and release.

It was either adapt to him, or walk away. That's why when he takes a kiss or grabs me from behind to hold me against him I don't resist. I wait patiently until he is fulfilled and he lets me go. I don't like to sleep in the middle for pretty much obvious reasons, familiarity and women leads to s**. It's enough that I do sleep with him and it's enough that he sets her aside and calls for me to come to him. But if I slept in the middle it's pretty obvious that I would be under him much more often.

31 is a mature age, after much discussion, it has actually been going on since 2020 when everyone had to stay in, it's time for me, and her, to do what nature created us to do. We have decided, or maybe he has decided and we have agreed, that it is our season and he's going to breed us. We have a chart on the fridge, days since period, morning and evening temperature, and viscosity, light, fair or heavy. I am currently at the peak of my ovulation cycle so I'm the center of his attention. I feel like a mare on a breeding farm right now.

I can't wait for her to start ovulating and take some of the pressure off me.

16 days

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