Started Smoking

We were on a camping trip last summer and made friends with the group of campers around us. Some of them were smoking (cigarettes), and I've always liked the smell. For some reason it smelled really good and I wanted to try it. We had a few drinks an I asked to try one. They said it was ok to try, but take it easy so I did. Just breathe a little in my mouth. I didn't get it at all, then somebody made me laugh and I got this wonderful little buzz from it. Omg, it felt so good. I finished it slowly, sort of maintaining my buzz. I wanted try it again later but the other mom told me I better not and didn't give me another one. I spent the rest of the weekend absolutely loving the smell of her smoke. I asked her about when she started and what it was like. She basically said don't even think about, you'll love it, and won't want to stop. In June we went camping again and I asked my husband if he remembered last summer when I smoked a cigarette at the campfire. He said yea, it surprised him since I "wasn't the type. I asked him if I could do it again and he said sure. I bought a pack that Saturday and had two. He said that's enough, but I never threw them out. I've been having a few a day all summer and I love it.

Aug 8

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  • Some people love smoking right away. Others take longer to get used to it. You better deal with it now, it won't get any easier.

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