Riverside Picnic

We drove out of town to a riverside picnic area. It's really beautiful here. The council mows the grass so you can kick a footie. The river is about 30m wide with pebbles on the bottom and flowing slow and mostly about 4 feet deep so you can stand up but also swim. The water is pretty clear. So really nice place to play.

Had her wearing her khaki A line mini with shiny black boy leg undies under it. A white singlet( I guess you would call it) top with wide shoulder straps. Like a tee shirt but with the sleeves cut off at in line with the outside of her body. She looked fresh and cute.

We put down a travelling rug and had a picnic. It's nice to see her take care to sit modestly.

Then we packed up and went for a walk. At one stage we had to climb over a wire fence. She tried to climb and hold her skirt. naturally I let her go first. I said to her that she was not to try and hold her skirt. There was the discussion about how it is immodest to flash her undies and I responded reminding her that they are boy leg panties. It's still a nice vision I have in my mind a day later as I write this as to how sexy it is to see her both when she is standing but also to get a glimpse of her undies. that's the visual bit and also the I guess thought bit, psychological bit wondering what she is thinking.

At the mid point of our walk we stopped for a drink. I hugged and kissed her and ran my hand across her bottom lifting her skirt and feeling her undies. She whispered no its humiliating and I said there is no one here to see and even if it was she should not resist.

Aug 8

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