I grew up strictly monitored, looking for purpose in life, then at a very young age my life was broken into halves by deeds of my parents who were on opposing sides, and always wanted me to choose. I became a good kid with rational thinking and respect, but also a bad child with habits i could not control. I had no history whatsoever, my life is a mystery to even myself, i then realize i wanted to do entertainment because that's when i feel most alive, contrary to the fact that my strict home needed me to perform outstanding in educational activities.

long story short, i have always been an average student but recently at the end of my educational marathon, i FAILED terribly and i cannot tell my family cus they spent so much for me to be here. i am writing this with so much on the line and i have no clue on what my solution is, i might loose it all or maybe try again, truth is freedom in itself is a prison and because i am now trapped in my own mind. if you are reading this i hope your life as you know it is going well cus mine is about to spiral out of control.

Next Confession

Contemplating mistakes.

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  • No matter whatever the situation...always face it head on. Have educational degree it's helpful lifelong. If you have failed reappear for your exam and prepare wholeheartedly for your exams. Don't give up until you clear your exams.

    If your calling is entertainment ...try uploading videos as a influencer. Start with small videos and be confident and upload more good videos on personality, fashion, makeup, stunts, dance moves, new workout styles, etc etc

    This will help you have a small fan base which will grow in time. Initially everybody is aimless and confused. But different professions. Gain knowledge on things that truly interest you and enjoy your life.

    Take good care of your health. And be confident in whatever you do in life. My love and good wishes to you.

    Take care baby.

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