Contemplating mistakes.

My husband and I went back home for a wedding and we had a blast at the wedding, Went to a party after the reception and then just sort of ended up dragging an old friend of ours home with us, None of us had ever had a 3 way before and it just sort of happened, He walked back to our cabin with us and came in for a drink, I went to the bedroom to change and next thing I knew the two of them walked in while I was in the process of pulling on a pair of shorts and still had no top on.
It just was so...I don't know what word to put here but my husband walked up behind me and our friend stood in front of me, We kissed a little and then my husband sat me on the bed, Both stood in front of me and I did the double head thing and then I got laid back, My husband turned off the lights and turned on the lamp while me and our friend got started and then he joined.
I have no idea how long or whatever it was but I do remember asking our friend to finish because I was really drunk and my husband was done and just watching and it just sort of felt like it was time to be done, He asked to finish in my mouth so I said yes and then when it was all done he was escorted to the door, A little kiss & ** session and he was gone.
Next morning I woke up, Rolled over and looked out the window at the blue sky and birds singing, I could hear people walking around in the parking lot and kids laughing etc. My brain was obviously still foggy because as I laid there a guy and his wife walked by, He was a bit taller but not super tall ad as they walked by the window I could see from his shoulder up and he looked over at the window, Looked right at me, I just smiled and he got a huge grin, I rolled over to my husband and he was fast asleep, I looked back at the window and then at him and my heart sank realizing I had no covers on the top half of my body so some random dude just saw my 41 year old, Mom of 3 **, I woke my husband up and he looked at me, Smiled and said "Good morning", I said "Did you open the curtains?", He squinted and said "What?", I said "This morning, Did you get up and open the curtains?", He said "No, We went straight to bed and this is the first time I have been up".
I said "** sakes" and got out of bed, I had to crouch as I went to the closet to get some clothes, I looked out the window ad then at him and he said "What?", I said "You can totally see right in here from outside" He sat up and looked then said "Oh **", I grabbed my phone and said "What time is it...**...11:00". So we realized that for probably 4 or more hours people have been walking by looking in our window and seeing me ** but worse than that I sat down after closing the curtains and looked at my phone.
23 text messages and 12 missed calls from my sister in law who's cabin is directly across the street from us and they started at 2:30am which was not long after we got back there, 18 messages and 9 missed calls between then and 3:45 then nothing, After that it started again at 9:50 until I looked at my phone, I won't put what they all said but they had gone to the lake to swim and had people over after, Their front door and our front door are on opposite sides so we never heard them sneaking into their cabin after swimming but...Them and 3 other couples who we all know seen everything, We were not being shy at all and did about 75 different positions...If there are that many ad some I think we invented.
I sat down with her this morning and we had a talk finally ad she was very embarrassed and embarrassed for me, She said it was her husband who initially noticed (My husbands brother) and then next thing she knew everyone was quietly watching out the window, She said it was super awkward and he tried to close their curtains after texting and calling me a bunch but she said people kept watching. Ugh, Now I am sure everyone knows, She says she slapped the phone out of one guys hand after she noticed he was recording but she never made him delete the video so it's out there somewhere. The next morning she woke up to her husband standing at the window looking across at me **.
Word of advice, Always close your curtains.

Aug 19
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