cot conned out of money by a girl

when I was freshly divorced I let a really pretty lady con me out of thousands of dollars. She had just moved to the states from Germany and her name was Stephanie Moench. She promised to pay me back all the money I loaned her, and I thought we were friends but it turns out she was just scamming me.

Now I really need the money but I'm scared to ask her for it because she's really ruthless and might try to mess up my life or something.

I used to rally care for her; then she just totally burned me and taught me a valuable lesson - never give anyone anything unless you're willing to lose it forever.

I really thought I was a lucky guy for a while - turns out I was just a stupid sap.

After we stopped being friends she tried to be my friend again, and we hung out for a little bit and she acted like she liked me still, but I was having a hard time trusting her.

For a while after that I wondered if I should have trusted her when she tried to be friends again... that maybe we really did have something.

But now I know I made the right choice, that she really was just a theif and she was probably thinking she could get some more money out of me.

At least that's something I can feel good about - not letting her doop me twice. That, and that I never slept with her even though she wanted to - once she got desperate enough to take her profession to the next level.

Before that we only fooled around just enough so that I would keep giving her money.

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  • This slander and defamation of character was posted by John Mackey Shellhamer from Louisville, KY. I contacted the webmaster to have these lies removed, but no response. I'll seek legal action.

  • why can't you do the same thing back? Just small stuff. Get her to get small things like snacks and drinks. Mooch right back if you can. Use her gas or her vehicle if you both are driving somewhere. Just be elsewhere when cash is being spent?

  • Stay away from her. Learn from your mistakes & get on with it.

  • That's some expensive p****. Hope it was worth it.

  • First commenter-- think with your B-R-I-A-N or B-R-A-I-N? Talk about dumbass.... Think with your brian! Who in the f*** is brian??? ROFLMAO

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