With all the rage about open gay life do I come out of the closet

I am sitting on the fence. I have since early puberty enjoyed ** with another boy, then, and a man, now. I have been age centric, same age men. I am in the closet and have kept my behavior under control and out of sight. I have no mannerisms and don't associate with obvious gay men. I come across as typically heterosexual on the prowl.

I married a woman when I was thirty and we had twenty years together before she died in a boating accident over a summer holiday. Since then I have been free to aggressively pursue ** with other men. But always in the dark, and away from my public life. I did on one occasion go home with a man I met at a friend's birthday party. A banker type, who is a known gay man.

I am now in this quandary, do I 'come out' and stop pretending? Do I keep myself out of the spotlight? I'm 56 now and I have a good ten years left with my company and although there should be no . repercussions, there always are. I don't want to lose my job. I have no children of my own, only two step children.

I'm sure I am not alone in this.

Next Confession

Now I am glad he asked.

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  • Do whatever makes you happy.

  • It’s more accepted being gay, bi or whatever these days. Back in the day was pure ** for people when they weren’t educated on normalcy. Even jocks who are often gay are out now. A new world today in many respects. That is unless you’re down south.

    Can’t even imagine if so, as it’s a completely different world down there. I guess it all really depends on you, your environment and your comfort zone.

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