One time in my life

It's my secret. Back when I was in college I had a part time job working weekends at a motel as a night clerk. The front desk manager was a woman in her mid fifties, more a man than a woman really. One day in the middle of the night I was looking through the drawers of the front desk manager's desk and I found a magazine. Hard core, Danish, black and white, women tied to poles, whips and chains, men gang banging a woman. Strange, I left it there. I had never seen anything like it. I didn't know what BDSM was.

She was an observant woman and she called me out that I had been through her drawers. She asked me if I 'liked' what I saw. When I arrived the next night I found a magazine under the front desk papers I had to complete every night. It was men tied and being whipped. And one picture a woman whipping a man's p**** with a riding crop, in pen "ME" the woman, and "YOU" the guy.

It hurt in the worst possible way. My hands tied behind my back, tied to a ring on the wall. She wore this corset with her t*** hanging out. Fifty year old t***, and crotchless leather panties. She only whipped my p****. Over the following year she had lots of tricks and things to insert in my a***, things that were hard to pull out without a lot of pain. She used this thick rubber ring she put around the base of my b**** and threatened to bring in a Doberman to bite off my p****, but there was never a dog. I still have some of the scars on my wrists and I had to get my a*** sowed one time because she pulled her toy out too fast.

She died several years ago, but we kept in touch after college and when she died she left me her collection of BDSM magazines. I have them in a box in the attic, I haven't been able to just shred them and throw them away.

Aug 27

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