Mature women to wrestle with

I put a post on a dating site for a widow who would be interested in wrestling with me more just fun. I did not think I would get any response but I did. Now I am having fun wrestling with this woman. We enjoy wrestling extremely rough and applying different techniques and wrestling holds on each other. Has anyone else done this.

Mar 9
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  • Yes I have met a mature who I wanted to wrestle with. She was willing only after we had gone out together first to get to know and trust each other. That was ok with me. She start to have wrestling sessions which we really enjoyed.

  • We have now been wrestling with each other for a while now. We are both in our 70's but are physically able to wrestle and enjoy the close intimate contact that comes with wrestling. We do all different wrestling hold on each other. Its great to be wrestling this this woman who also loves to wrestle and pin a man.
    We about about 50/50 on who wins which makes out wrestling even better. we will touch each other's ** to apply a pin. I will grab a ** to bring her to the floor in trying to pin her. we go cotch to ** on holds to pin each other.
    we ae really enjoying the fun of wrestling. Besides that she looks great in a pair of tight jeans and tank top. we loves to rub each other's **, grab some ** or kiss those sweet spots.

  • Aren’t you afraid of wrestling these older women that may have osteoporosis?

  • Sometimes when I go to the grocery store and see mature women, I just start wrestling them. Not all, but some seem to like it.

    Except when they have a carton of eggs in their hands. They never seem appreciative of my fetish then. Stay away from the egg aisle.

  • I want to wrestle your widowed grandmother! Please send me her 411

  • No women wrestle, go away!

  • You are so wrong and out of touch with the world

  • I am a proud mom of both a son and daughter that wrestle on school teams and I have wrestled with my husband since our dating days and now in our marriage. I have wrestled to two moms vs moms events and enjoy the competition.

  • What rock are you living under.
    Girls and women have been wrestling for decades. There are now competitive wrestling matches for moms to wrestle moms who kids kids wrestle in school. Look it up

  • Hello I am a wrestling mom and have been in five events where I wrestle moms of who kids wrestle in school. I guess I was dreaming and did not really wrestle in those events. You are a loser

  • You are out of touch. Many women love to wrestle, and they will pin your sorry **.

  • What planet do you live on.
    A lot of women do wrestle and they enjoy it and are very good at it.

  • My wife and I wrestle and I have wrestled my sister in law also

  • I have wrestled with my two sisters in laws and also my wife and I wrestle all the time. Get s we it’s the times

  • My wife and I wrestle all the time and enjoy it. My wife also have let me wrestle her two sisters. We did nothing inappropriate but i a ton of fun wrestling. We have wrestle many times already with more to come. My wife is fine with it. Also my wife has wrestle her best friend and pinned her and than she let me wrestle her. I had her pinned in a very nice grapevine hold with a ton of close intimate contact and my wife was ok and her friend was also ok with it. No ** just good rough and tuff wrestling.

  • Really
    Are you living under a rock
    Women do wrestle

  • Only ** ** women. Are you a **?

  • I am male and females do like to wrestle, not all but more than you think. You just are not willing to wrestle with a woman, afraid she will win

  • You have not look hard enough or you are afraid she will pin your **.

  • I agree that more women will wrestle than you think. That will let go and take you on. I believe that women have a natural tendency in knowing how to wrestle. They most definitely have more endurance and strength in their legs and thighs that can destroy a man unless he knows how to wrestle with a woman and avoid those legs.

  • Seek therapy **, seek therapy.

  • Open your eyes
    Have some fun

  • So true

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