I feel guilty but want to do it again.

I am 14, and male. As anyone who has been a teen should know, I’m h**** as f***. All the time. Anyway, masturbating to regular p*** wasn’t enough, so I’ve taken quite the liking to hentai or furry stuff. It’s just so much hotter... but that’s not what I’m feeling guilty about.

The real incident was a few weeks ago. I have a beautiful dog, she’s a Goldendoodle. Me, being the h**** one I am, was feeling extra h**** so at 1:00 am, I came down to see heron the couch, as usual. She was asleep. I came over and pet her plenty, which woke her up. I was so turned on, so I put my c*** in front of her face. She licked it a few times, and it felt so good... way better than my hand. Who could’ve known dog tongue felt so good? Since then I’ve done it one more time... she damn near gets me off from less than a minute of licking. I don’t know if human tongue feels better, as I’ve never felt it.

She doesn’t lick for too long, as when I did it, it was late so she probably wanted to go to sleep. Maybe I’ll try it with peanut butter next time.

I feel guilty but I’m my country giving or receiving oral with an animal is not against the law, only penetration is. I’d never penetrate her, but she didn’t seem to mind giving oral all that much... I certainly didn’t mind receiving. Maybe it’ll happen again sometime.

Aug 6, 2020

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  • Do it. No b****

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