Girls can beat boys in wrestling

I am a girl and I enjoy wrestling with boys and pinning them and they must tap out . Wrestling is a sport that can be fun for both boys and girls. Wrestle each other and have fun.

Mar 25

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  • When I was in elementary school a girl I was friends with me legitimately pinned me. It was humiliating, I couldn’t move my arms, and she kept pretending to spit on my face and then sucking the saliva in before it fell. But I quickly grew and became too strong for that to happen again.

  • You’re an old sad man who fantasizes about wrestling girls.

    Science says men are stronger than women. It’s an undeniable fact.

  • You are wrong. In general men have more upper body strength and women have more endurance and lower body strength in their legs and thighs. Watch men and women swimming and running events. The men are just beating them. Also the guys needs to rest for a longer time period but the women are ready to go . Better yet try wrestling a woman and let’s see how fast she pins you

  • Exactly. These stories blow

  • I think you are a 38 year old man with acne and an unstoppable fixation on wrestling females. How’s life in mom’s basement?

  • I have a high rise on the river but your basement apartment is just your style

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