I am a 51 year old male, now separated

I am a 51 year old male, now separated, but have a strange fascination with pregnant women. Seven years ago, my wife gave birth to a wonderful litlle boy. He is the greatest thing to come along in my life and is the one thing that has been keeping me going. He is my third child and my first two kids came 17 and 19 years previously, both with the same mother. During my young and dumb days, I took my wife's pregnacy for granted. Then back in 1999, when she became pregnant again, I was really into the experience. I was so responsive to my wife's feelings, the changes in her body, her feelings and it was the best time in our marriage. This is not a sexual thing with me, but would like to cooresponde with any female who is pregnant, young or old and share with her the many stories I have, her feelings as what she is gong through, the ups and downs, be an encourager, and just talk about the feelings she has before the lttle blessing arrives. I will be here for anyone who would like to write.

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  • p.s to the above
    not to mention terrible spelling. go back to school.

  • to the second commentor--uh, you think HE has bad GRAMMAR?

  • pregnant women are a sure thing.

  • Pregnant woman are hot.! You may not be a sico, whatever that is, but I guess I am. I love their big b**** and pretty skin. =)


  • i dont understand why someone would consider this as sick, i am only 16 but i see life as the greatest gift given to man kind. a pregnant woman represents the power of god and lets us see what miracle he can leave us with here on earth. as a father,especially, i can completely understand your fasination. user above is right. pregnant women are beautiful.

  • p.s.

    It is

    G R A M M A R

  • i understand. my husband loves pregnant women. he misses that about our lives. pregnant women ARE beautiful and very special. but you should probably let go of this.

  • Think first before you criticize the one you are speaking to. There are many sites with forums who have women who would be willing to learn from people who have been through pregnacny from both a male and female perspective. Obviously no one here is mature enough to take the subject seriously. I appologize if it upsets the ones who thinks of the natural things in life as being sick. So I will move on to people who will be appreciative of the things mature people can share. Have a good life, to that a****** who call me a sico.

  • Like I said, nothing sexual, to the one who thinks of me as a sico. Yes, my grammer is bad, but so is your spelling. "Grammer has two "m"s....lol

  • Not sick at all, just like to hear from pregnant women, or can I add even men, who faced the same problems from my earlier days, and help share the things I know.

  • you sico

    PS you have bad gramer

  • im w/m 48 i like very small girls 18 or 19 im bad

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