I found condoms in my wife's suitcase while she was packing

My wife (32) is preparing for a five-week business trip to her company headquarters. She has been doing this every year since she has been working for them. She hasn’t finished her packing and as I went into the bedroom I noticed that she had a box of condoms in one of her suitcases.

Of course, I asked her what the ** is she doing taking condoms with her on a business trip. We had a long talk and I learned a few things. She has had ** with somebody on almost every annual trip. She says she doesn’t go out looking for other men to have ** with it just happens. This I can believe, my wife is very attractive, men are always staring at her, even when we’re out together and I’m holding her hand. She also enjoys ** a lot.

I travel for business every now and then too and she assumed that I must also sleep with other women sometimes. I never have. We had an argument, I threw away the condoms and she shouted ‘Do you want me to come back pregnant?’
I don’t know where to go from here.

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