Spit roasted

I have been with my girlfriend for 6 months and she has often talked about pegging me. I said it’s not really my thing but she was really insistent so we tried it about 3 months ago. Since then she has loved riding me and f****** me in the ass with her strap-on. I got to quite like the experience after a while especially once I tried a butt plug more often to help get me used to it and told her so. She then asked me to shave my legs so I gave that a try and actually liked that too. Then last week when I got home from work she said she had a surprise for me. She told me to strip naked and then put on her short silk dressing gown and lie on the bed face down. I was kind of intrigued and I then heard the door open and some male voices that I didn’t recognise. She came back to me and asked if I was okay with some real mens c*** in my ass. I honestly wasn’t sure as I wanted to please her but didn’t know how it would feel. My heart was racing and she saw my hesitation and said it will be fine so I said okay. She suggested I be blindfolded so it would be less weird seeing the guys faces. Once I was blindfolded she led me to the lounge and then knelt me down on the floor. First I felt this firm strong grip round my head and then I felt his c*** in my mouth - it was so weird as I’ve never had another man in my mouth but I liked it as I could hear he liked it and so did my girlfriend. Then another guy lifted up my dressing gown and suddenly lifted my body up and started putting lube up my ass. I knew now this was it. The second guy started f****** me in the ass and they said how much they liked spit roasting me. I just focussed on doing the best I could for each of the guys as my gf was encouraging me. I honestly haven’t been able to process all that happened last week but is it wrong that I liked it? Nick

22 days

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  • She has you cucked b*tch. Next step you'll become a sissy.

    Wan't some advice email me daddyh1911@gmail.com

  • Well she now requires me to wear her short dressing gown and nothing underneath at all time when I am in her flat! And on Sunday night she even made me wear a really short mini skirt of hers round the flat and talked about me going outside like that. I’m now only f***** by her up my ass and she won’t let me be inside her. But I really really love it all! So strange!! I had no idea how much I would enjoy being dressed and f***** like a sissy! Nick x

  • Wow! She has you wrapped around her finger. I’d love to meet her. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  • She is pretty forceful and I realise I also love being submissive so it works well. She has started to talk about me going outside dressed in her clothes and has even now ordered a wig for me!! I feel very scared about the idea but also that makes me feel really turned on! Nick

  • You got cucked lol
    She owns your b**** ass!

  • Yes she really does! She even now calls me her b**** and she has decided I can only wear her clothes round her flat but I am ashamed to say I love it! Nick

  • Nick. It is a bit weird for a guy to like it but as a middle aged woman I have to say I’m jealous

  • Yes I guess it is a bit unusual and I was surprised I liked it! Really hope you get to enjoy being spit roasted too! Have you ever had that done to you? Any tips for how to cope with it as I found it a bit overwhelming being penetrated by two men!!

  • Darling, yes I have been spit roasted. It’s incredible. I’ve had 3 c**** at a time. Now that is amazing. But darling that is a joy you will never know.

    I would love to peg you. I’ve never pegged a man. My hubby would never allow it.

    Where do you live Nick?

  • I’m in London - so where do you live? Nick x

  • Hello lovely! Wow, that sounds truly amazing!! I don’t know how you coped with three c**** inside you at once as I found two almost too much!! You lucky lucky thing!!!

    I live in London and would just love to be pegged by another woman and my gf says it would turn her on too :) where do you live hun?

    Nick x

  • I think you should be called Nicky now since she has made you her b****. Reading this made me very hard and I would love to pound your ass and fill you up with my c**. That sound got to you?

  • Hi - Nicky (was Nick!) here and I would love that! I don’t know who you are but knowing you were hard at the thought of me being spit roasted helplessly I really want to have your hard c*** in me and to wreck me until you come inside me. Nicky x

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