My son's an idiot

I did something bad, but I don't regret it. My son is 18, he graduated high school, but chose not to go to college. He has a nearly full time job at a fast food joint. A few weeks ago he brought his new girlfriend home. I knew her, and her mother. First her mother. A straight up barfly, alcoholic, s***. There probably isn't 5 guys in town that haven't had her. And from what I have heard the daughter is the same. I knew she was a high school drop out. Heard the rumors she was easy as h***. I confronted my son and tried to talk some sense into him. He insisted he is "in love". Soulmate crap. My talk went no where.
So, here we are now. But my son's stupidity has perked me up. One day she was at the house and walked into the kitchen. She is a little chunky with a nice fat ass. So I grabbed a hand full of that ass. She just turned around and smiled, then went back into the living room. A few days later she called and asked for my son. I told her he was "outside" so she should just come on over. I lied, he wasn't home. When she got there I grabbed that ass and pulled her jeans down. She had no problem letting me f*** every hole she has! My son is an idiot and she keeps her mouth shut. Working out well.

19 days

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  • I can relate. My son's an idiot and that's how I ended up with his girlfriend.
    I'm a 50 year old journeyman pipe fitter. I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2013 and never had luck dating. My son's girlfriend moved in with us three years prior when she turned 18 to get away from her s*** bag parents and s***** situation. She was working part time at our local Waffle House and the rest of the time she kept the house up and cooked for us.
    When the April lockdown came, she got sent home, I got laid off and my lazy ass son went to his friend's parents house so he could binge game.
    Ally and I were watching TV when she made her first move. We spent the rest of the month having s**. When the lockdown was over, she broke up with my son and we told him we're a couple. He didn't care.
    My son is now 24, recently moved out and drives for Uber and another company that delivers food.
    Last summer, Ally and I went to the court house and made things official. Thankfully, she doesn't want kids because I got snipped years ago.
    What my idiot son lost, I gained!

  • Amazing story.

    Not sure who is the lucky one. You getting a nice tight t*** or her landing a man who knows how to treat a woman

  • Or the son getting away from a cheating s***

  • Definitely the young lady landing a man who know how to treat a woman is the winner here

  • You should have a three way with her and her mom.

  • LOL. Brilliant. :)

  • I want to rape you

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