How I Got into Diapers like my Mother

Yes. She wears diapers, but for medical reasons. She has bladder control issues. I didn't find out about this till after I was potty trained. I was 3 years old when I was potty trained. I thought it was unfair I was forced to be a slave to the potty, while mom was freed as a bird to p*** and pee

One winter, when flue season hit, and I went down hard. I stayed home from school and read my favorite comic book Super Diaper Baby. I only ever peed my sheets for the first few times. I started wetting the bed on purpose. She wasn't mad, just disappointed. My mom was worried that I wouldn't make it to the bathroom in time after a few fays. She gave me some absorbent underwear with cute designs on them. I didn't want her to catch on to my plan, so I did try to make it to the bathroom, but I did pee my underpants a little. Those underpants were indeed absorbent.

My parents were getting frustrated and I said "I just couldn't hold it in. I'm just like mom." Mom didn't like that. That gave me away. She bashfully told me it just a medical condition; there's nothing fun about it. She can't control anything downstairs. I then confessed that I just felt bad that she had to be the only one like that. That was also ture. My mom agreed that if I really wanted to try them then I could try some of her diapers.

That lasted awhile, (a two years if I remember correctly) but I got so used to them that when my mom tried to get me off of them, I had an accident at at school, twice. There was even one time I pooped by my account. Not a good look on me at all. My mom bought me my own pack of diapers.

In the end, I stumbled into what I wanted. It was embarrassing at points. My mom ended up getting use to the diapers, both on her and me. I still wear them to this day. That's how got into diapers like my mother.

15 days

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