Should I tell

My best friends teenage son sexually assaulted me two months ago. Since then I have struggled on whether to tell his mother about the incident.
I am a 37 year old woman. We were all attending a picnic at the lake back on July 4th. There was plenty of activities and at one point I was in the water as many others were. Standing in water up to my chest, suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and picked me up. It was the teenage son of my best friend. I am on the short side at 5-4. He is much taller. He picked me up with one arm around my waist. With his other hand he pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and shoved his fingers in my p****. He just held me there with my feet off the lake bottom as he rammed his fingers inside me. After a minute he dropped me and swam off.
I didn't say anything but it has bothered me ever since. A couple of times since then he has grabbed my butt or t** when he gets a chance.
Should I tell his mother?

14 days

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  • Nope, don't add to the drama. Just avoid and ghost them. He's obviously attracted to you, and this was his way of letting you know. Murphy's Law demands that if you tell, somehow this will ALL magically blow up in your face and YOU will be perceived as the bad guy. Jail time for YOU isn't off the table

  • Yes report him. Who knows who he could assault next time.

  • You should have s** with him. Later in life you'll think back and regret not doing it.

  • Was he white?

  • Yes he is white and 17 years old.

  • How many fingers did he get in you?

  • Yep. Tell. He needs some consequences or he'll do it to others.

  • Yes you should before it progresses. I was raped by a neighbors teenage son years ago. I didn't report it. When he found out he got away with it he waited a short time and did it again.

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