Cultural advice needed

My experience with black teenage boys is limited. I need some help with this one. I am a white 39 year old mother of a teenage son. Until recently we lived in rural West Virginia. All my sons friends were white. I am used to his teenage friends checking me out or occasionally making the veiled sexual comment.
But, we recently moved to a suburb outside of DC. A couple of the boys hanging out around the house now are black. Not a problem we don't care and give them the same scrutiny we always have. You know, make sure the parents are OK, good homes, supervision, the normal a parent worries about.
Anyway the problem is, there are two of my sons friends that are black and around the house a lot. And they are much more sexually aggressive with me than anything I have dealt with in a teenage boy. When they can corner me alone they will grope my ass and t***. One of the boys actually told me he wanted to "wreck my little white p****".
I don't want to embarrass my son. What can I do???

Feb 14

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  • I’m a white mother of two boys.

    My boys ran track and I had similar experiences. I actually dared the young men to “wreck it”. And honey, it was amazing!!!

    I ended up having s** with about 10 black young men over the past 6 years while the boys where is high school.

    I’m now 50 and can’t wait till week as my son will have some of his friends over during spring break and my husband will be visiting universities with my daughter.

    I love getting my white p**** “wrecked”

  • Shalom

  • You will catch herpes for sure

  • Honey, there is nothing better than black teen c*** and I'm a southern woman :)

  • Another bullshit fantasy...

  • I did this to a friends mom back in jr high school. She was hot and every morning she always wore around the house a short shirt that went down mid thigh with no pants showing off her great legs. She really looked sexy.
    When I would sleep over we would stay in the basement. She would come down to do laundry wearing her shirt every morning and I would try to look up her shirt, it was so close to her butt, I just had to get a bit closer to see.
    She would go back up the stairs to clean the house. So one day I timed it to where I would follow her up the stairs to get a peek. I wanted to find out if she was naked under her shirt. I always thought she was.
    While going up, I got down low and tried to look. I got so nervous that I backed out but I came so close to seeing the truth. She looked back as if she knew what I was doing and I quickly put my head down like I was just walking calmly.
    But at the top of the stairs she stopped, bent over to pick something up and her shirt went up past her whole butt, and I saw she was wearing panties, white with flowers. DARN, but I did a little pinch, and she looked at me with an angry face and told me to never do that again and that I better leave. I was scared until I was walking out the front door when she grabbed my butt and says, we are even.
    Well, since then I would grab her butt all the time. I got my other buddy to pinch her butt. She would just let us. She had a great butt too.

  • As a black person, I can tell you that race doesn't matter in this situation. Be firm, and tell them to back off, and if they don't (which they may not) then, if necessary take it a step or 2 further. This is completely unacceptable and honestly so, so shameful.🤬

  • Don't say anything to your son...
    You need to speak to boys and need to tell them that it is not acceptable to behave this way. Unless, you like this attention, then I would go for it if I were you. There is nothing better than being desired by young men.

  • It sounds like you might want to have s ex with these guys. If you're married, you need to deal with whatever might happen if you do have s ex. Having said that, if you want to have s ex with the boys, then go for it. I've had s ex with black men, and, believe me, they are better f ucks than white guys. And, once you say OK to them, expect return visits--that's been my experience with younger men. As for your sons, I don't think they will be embarassed at all, really; they may well just like it!

  • Just the one son. If I would I definitely don't want him to know. But with that said they are only 17 and that is too young. I am flattered kind of like the old days when I got hit on in bars. I want it to calm down before something happens I will regret.

  • If you want them to plow your garden, then wait till they are 18. Also, keep in mind that once they do you good, you'd want more and more. Not to mention, those are going to brag about bagging you and share you with their other friends with or without your approval. You are in for loads of fun in your middle age lady. Make sure your tubes are tied up lol

  • OK, so if they are 17, you need to let them know that you are not interested. Simply no question on this course of action.

  • I agree with the first comment, "let them". Although I do not know the age range of the boys you speak of. In my case I was 45 years old and the next door neighbors son was 19, perfectly legal. Yes he was black. I had known him since he was old enough to walk. I noticed how he started becoming sexual towards me when he was maybe 14 or 15. When we were alone he would grope my ass and t*** and ask me to have s** with him. He was actually quite polite, aside from the touching, and always took no for an answer. When he was 19 he was home from college and doing some yard work for us. He came inside to grab a soda. My husband was golfing that afternoon. He came up behind me and grabbed my ass. This time I didn't stop him. It only took a minute before he was peeling my clothes off. We didn't even make it to the bedroom, we did it right there on the couch.
    It was so different from my husband. It was in NO way, shape or form love making. He was rough and made me do thing I haven't done since I was quite younger. I was being "USED" is a good way to put it. When he tried (well did) push my ankles back behind me head I tried to protest. Not that limber at 45. My protest was met with "shut up b**** and take it" as he kept ramming inside me. After that I kept quiet and let him do anything he wanted. It was a great summer!

  • As a older white woman, there is nothing better than a young black c***

  • Welcome to DC , black men love’s white women , you will get all the BBC’s you want and ever need. But please don’t get pregnant

  • Let them

  • Yeah cos you going to be there to clean up huh b**** boy?

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