Funny day at the lake...

Big ** women seem to be a topic lately. I can add a funny, yet embarrassing story of my own from the summer. We live in a neighborhood that borders a small lake. Some of the residents have cut out trails down to the lake and we even constructed a "poor mans" dock with some lumber and 55 gallon drums.
One day back in summer my daughter and two of her friends went down to swim and get some sun. In the afternoon I decided to get some air and exercise, so I walked down to check on them. They were having a great time and kept asking me to "jump in". I declined as I had no bathing suit. One of the girls jumped out of the water, got in her bag and threw me a spare towel and bikini. I said what the heck.
I walked behind some bushes and changed. Well I "TRIED" to change into her bikini. My 45 year old, fat ** trying to squeeze into a two piece bikini of a 17 year old. Let me describe the HORROR! It was a normal two piece bikini, "NOT" a thong. The bottoms were stretched to the point of breaking and on my big behind it was ** floss. Now to the front. Her little B cup might look good in this thing, but my mom D's didn't fit. It barely covered my ** if I held it in place. And the most embarrassing thing was the front with a mega ** and my unshaved status hanging out everywhere!
I couldn't help but laugh so I jumped out from behind the bushed and went "TA DA"! The girls nearly drowned they were laughing so hard. I took a run and jumped in.
Maybe a half hour later I got a shock. Four of the neighborhood boys walked down the path. I should have seen it coming, where there are teenage girls, there are teenage boys. I sunk down in the water to me neck to hide.
A couple of the boys hit the water and two were just hanging out.
Eventually I was in an tough spot. I needed to get back to the house and start dinner. I had to ** it up. It climbed onto our little deck and walked over to my towel. My ** were falling out everywhere, not to mention the freak show going on below. The boys got one heck of a show. I grabbed my stuff and walked back to the house.
Funny thing is, since then I have noticed the boys are coming around the house a lot! And I am mature enough to see it just isn't because of my daughter. I realize how they are looking at me now. I kind of like it.

Next Confession

Secret fantasy.

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  • Trust me, they want your daughter, not you, but you might be able to con one into doing something with you if you keep the lights out

  • I find your story very hot, in particular your open attitude. There is a definite sexual power there. Perhaps you should do it again but walk home without the towel. Or work up the bravery to skinny dip and have to scamper for your clothes. Go in when there are no boys around and you might get away with it. However you go forward, enjoy yourself.

  • You seem awesome. If anything more happens let us know!

  • As a mature woman in her mid 40's, I know what you might be thinking and I also know that I believe you might like to feel a young guy's ** giving your hot ** a fantastic work out. My suggestion would be that maybe you go swimming there a little more often, but get you a bikini that fits a little better. I'm sure the bikini will surely get the attention and I might suggest that you even get a little flirty with the boys and just take it one step at a time. You will love the end results, so what do you think. I wish there was a way I could privately text you or email you, so how about it. Help me sweetheart. I'm married and in my mid 40's too. My wife and I have both enjoy ** with others and she especially loves what younger guy can do for her..

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