Please someone give me advice

Is it bad that im cheating on my boyfriend who is the step father of my kids with the father of my sons?

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  • No, it is beautiful and normal. Your husband is now your Cuckold, and you have become a wonderful "Hotwife"! Keep up the great work. You need to read and study about FLR (Female Led Relationships) so you can find out how to train your husband to accept his and your, new roles. One thing you should always do is, after you've had ** with your Ex, keep his ** inside you. Get your husband used to having "sloppy seconds". Encourage him to eat you out first, so he also becomes familiar with the taste of a mans ** mixed with your cunnyhoney.

  • I with my wife 30 years and she cheared on me once . always thought of them together then one night we away n i m someone else i could see she was loving it and then i called out his name . all of a sudden she got wetter and it turned me on . i went down on her and she called out his name a i licked hef pulling him in n calling his name .it was exciting as she took my ** and slid it inside her talking to me as i was him . turned me on as i thought of him inside her deeper n harder she said went on n on till i came inside her . deadly but wasnt expecting what next she pushed me down to lick her n called out my name lick jeffs love juice from me taste areal man

  • Yes! This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope the three of you can continue in this exciting new relationhsip, even if he's not actually physically there. Perhaps you can find another man to take his place?

  • U should ** ur self people like u turn good men bad thanks u ** ** hope u get VD

  • Oh no, not bad at all... for a dumb wh0re.

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  • Yes. You need to decide on what you want.

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