Please someone give me advice

Is it bad that im cheating on my boyfriend who is the step father of my kids with the father of my sons?

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  • I with my wife 30 years and she cheared on me once . always thought of them together then one night we away n i m someone else i could see she was loving it and then i called out his name . all of a sudden she got wetter and it turned me on . i went down on her and she called out his name a i licked hef pulling him in n calling his name .it was exciting as she took my c*** and slid it inside her talking to me as i was him . turned me on as i thought of him inside her deeper n harder she said went on n on till i came inside her . deadly but wasnt expecting what next she pushed me down to lick her n called out my name lick jeffs love juice from me taste areal man

  • U should f*** ur self people like u turn good men bad thanks u f****** s*** hope u get VD

  • Oh no, not bad at all... for a dumb wh0re.

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  • Yes. You need to decide on what you want.

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