The real father

Im 17 and 36weeks pregnant, everyone thinks that my baby is a boy i met on holiday, the real father is my best friends father, he has an idea but i told him its not him, after all he is 46 and if this came out it would get very messy

Oct 2, 2016

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  • Its going to b messy anyway u just 17 and a b****** at ur feet he had his fun now let him pay

  • U should tel him he his wife and daughter wil b over the moon and theyl b great help 2 u with baby ye may even want another child

  • Uv got to tell him it wil bring ur family and ur friends family closer he and his wife can help wit the baby sitting

  • Friends dad was lucky to get young s*** hope u he and ur families rejoice

  • He will never know

  • U r selfish he has a right to know hel hav a little b******

  • Ud hav been better if u gav him head r took it up the ass

  • Yea i gave him head, no he didnt put it in my ass

  • Tel ur friend she wil love to hav litl brother r sister

  • Seriously doubt it

  • How big was his c*** did u like it

  • Pretty big n yea

  • Thats what happens when u tak c*** bare back ur parents wil b delighted to hav a baby n the house if ur lucky u might hav twins

  • No its not twins iv had scan

  • Was ur p**** shaved

  • Of course x

  • What were u wearing when he fuckd u and did u come

  • Yea he made me c**! jean skirt n tank top wif boots

  • Tel him hel b delighted

  • Doubt it

  • U must tel him let him pay support tel ur mum he drugged u r raped u that way she wont know ur a w****

  • Wtf no!

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