Ok so I have been with my significant other for more than 10 years. Got 2 kids. Well, she is on social media often when she can. A while back, she said she got in contact with a friend. I said cool. But soon, she wouldn't stop talking about him. I admit, I got kinda jealous. And I told her about how I felt. She said like it's not going to meeting him and sorts. Well come to find out she has. Just to talk she said. My intuition says something more is going on. Should I be concerned?

Sep 19

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  • YES

  • My wife (been together since 18 and we are 45 now) has many friends on Facebook, some old some new. She has met up with a lot of them but not one was a male. If your lady is doing this you got trouble. She should know better and who ever the guy is has the intentions of getting in her pants. You need to fix your relationship with her. If the relationship is good she wouldn't be fishing!

  • Exactly. She should know better but she says he is my friend no matter what I say. I feel no respect coming from her. Even though she had nothing (a house, a ride, etc) and I gave her everything.

  • Simple.
    Just put yourself in her shoes and think whether she is right or wrong.

  • I don't want to sound like a chick.

  • Are you boring? Not providing ENOUGH attention to her?

  • Yeah. Maybe your right. With two kids being the major focus.

  • Here's a great little fidelity test. I've used it myself, successfully. Ask to see her phone. Now, immediately. People with nothing to hide will hand it over, and...there won't be a password/lock on it.

    If she hesitates for a single moment, or gives you the privacy/"how dare you" speech, or has to leave to 'do something' (ie. leave and clean the phone), then you know your intuition was correct.

  • UPDATE #2: Ok. Concerning the phone. How she wanted me to look at it and me thinking she is deleting sensitive text. Well, today I caught her off guard and wanted to see it. So I got her phone and said I'm going to read the messages. She immediately reached for it. Saying why now and not the 1st time? Crying this and that. What do you think of it?

  • Ok. With that, I feel it's irrelevant. Reason being she could be erasing sensitive texts while keeping the basic, non incriminating messages. Knowing full well that I will be asking for the phone.

  • That is true also, yes. If you can...access the phone and install the 'Desktop' version onto your computer of any messaging apps she may have. Sync the two, using a password or QR code. Delete the password, after to cover your tracks.

    You'll be able to see her messages in real time, live 24/7. Evidence. :) Yay!

  • She takes her phone everywhere with her. So it will be hard trying to access her phone. Even at night she sleeps with it. But truth be told, I'm done. It's not worth my mental health. As much as she don't want to, I might take the kids.

  • Sounds like your wife is going to have an affair with him. No matter what you do, your wife is going to get ** by him. You have to decide whether you love her enough to stay with her.

  • Will leave and take the kids. See how she will feel about that. She chose him over family. Son in that case, she won't have one.

  • Bro. Shut that shvt down immediately. No way she should ever have been in touch with him or any other dude, for that matter. You're being played.

    Demand an immediate cease and desist.... or leave.

  • I need to. My peace of mind is shaken. Thanks.

  • I'm not surprised. I would be too. You're welcome, by the way.

  • Update..
    Well we talked and I pressed her into more of it. She said that it's her friend from mid school and they were friend. Good or close, I don't know. Well, seems he has been in some ** luck or so she said and that he was being suicidal. I know a few of her friends committed suicide due to relationships. Guess she felt scared knowing he might do that also. I asked why he might actually do it. She said I have this feeling. Well I said I want to meet him and talk to him. Get this, she said I have to ask or tell him you want to talk to him. I was like why? And she said to just give him a heads up. The **!!! My trust in her has been torn but for the sake of my kids, I'm playing dumb. So my next question is, what's my next move?

  • Hire a dectective who specializes in this. Ask a good divorce attorney for the name of one. From experience, trust me, this is the move.

  • Yes, sorry dude!

  • Yep, definitely!
    Research and report back pronto!!

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