I did something bad

I feel so guilty because I did something I should not have. A month ago I skipped out on work one afternoon. Came home to change clothes and grab my golf clubs. Wife was working but our teenage daughter should have been home. No one was inside the house so I figured my daughter was at a friends house. Went upstairs and started changing clothes. As I stood by the window movement on the back deck caught my eye. As I looked close I got a shock. My daughter was sitting in a lounge chair on the deck nude! I guess she was getting some sun but her legs were spread wide off each side of the chair and she was touching herself, fingering and rubbing her shaved p****. I kept watching and suddenly realized I was getting aroused. I dropped my boxers to the floor and began j**********. It only took a minute before I sprayed c** all over the floor. Now I feel so bad.

Sep 19

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  • Good grief that’s your own daughter. You need therapy

  • So bad... i jerked off in my friends daughters pantys at a party. snuck to her bedroom when no one was looking came in like 60 seconds now i love to wear pantys ;)

  • Of course you feel bad messing the floor like that. It's dirty, attracts ants. Clean it up, you'll feel much better.

  • It's OK. Getting turned on is not the end of the world. I had a strange relationship with my college age daughter. Me and her mother were divorced. Our daughter came to live with me in order to attend a nearby college and save on rent. She was now an adult and our relationship kinda fell more into room mates. She was very open about her body and I saw her nude quite a lot. I started becoming relaxed and she saw all of me. "Yes" occasionally I became aroused and she did notice. Nothing sexual ever happened.

  • Kinda same, divorced, daughter came to live with me, dad btw.
    She asked if a female friend could also move in and pay rent. H*** yeah, two 21 yo hotty students.
    I had a constant supply of lovely panties to sniff and joff with.

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