Life altering decision

I found out a friend of mine was prostituting. She made it sound so good. Have s**, get paid a lot of money. She talked me into trying it.
She took me to a large truck stop and hotel area. Dressed to get attention it didn't take long. I had s** with two men, condoms a must, and made $400. I went back several times over the next few weeks and made a ton of money.
But one bad incident can change your life. A trucker pick me up. We got in his rig. He asked me to get in the sleeper compartment and undress. As I waited for him another man got in the rig. I panicked and tried to put my clothes back on. Too late, they were crawling in with me. I tried to fight past them. As I screamed and fought one of the men started hitting me in the face and head. He kept hitting me until I stopped struggling and screaming. They tied my hands behind my back with one of those zip tie things. One of them ripped my panties off and shoved them in my mouth.
As one of them raped me without a condom the other bit and abused my nipples until they were bruised and bleeding. When the guy finished the other man took a turn. After both had finished they just laid there resting like nothing had happened. I kept wondering what they were going to do to me?
Finally one of the men put his hand between my legs and stuck his fingers inside me. He pulled back out complaining my p**** was too sloppy. They grabbed me and rolled me over on my stomach. I knew what was going to happen. I tried to scream through the panties in my mouth but it was no good. One of the men got on top of me and started shoving his c*** in my ass. He was not gentle or nice, it was torture. Both of them took turns raping my ass hole.
When they were done one of the men got dressed and left the sleeper. The rig started moving as the other man held me down. It didn't go far, just down the road out of site of the truck stop. They stopped and threw me out on the side of the road naked with my hands tied. I was finally able to spit out the panties and I walked back to the truck stop naked and bleeding.
The people in the store made me sit outside on the sidewalk until the police came. They took me to the hospital to get my face patched up.
Not only did my parents have to see me like that they found out the hard way their teenage daughter was a prostitute.

Oct 19

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  • You fu**** around and found out. Being a lot lizard is not exactly a safe profession. At least you didn't get aids

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