If every black disappeared, I'd be happy

Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, as is Bill Cosby. I admire Pres. Obama. And there seem to be a number of wise people scattered throughout the continent of Africa. But none of that represents the majority of blacks in my country.
Where I'm from, most black men are anti-intellectual brutes who impregnate white women and then dump them. White women's relationship with black men seems to resemble that of a moth and an open flame. Some of these single women start off beautiful, and then they involved with black men, get fat, get pregnant, and get dumped. I am so sick of seeing overweight white women carrying around their half-black kids.
And honestly, who would do that to their kids? I don't understand why anyone would ever want their kids to have any black features. The wide, flaring noses and bloated muzzles, along with the velcro-like hair are some of the least attractive features ever given to any man or woman. They look like ogres mixed with chia pets. No wonder they spend so much money trying to change their appearance. Why God gave anyone such monstrous features, I'll never know.
And all of that is to say nothing about their own women, many of whom are head-to-toe ogres. Whatever skeletal structure they possess is hidden beneath hundreds of lbs. of fat. Their gorilla-like faces usually look so frustrated, and for good reason.
So many of the things I hate in society are promoted largely by them and their so-called forms of entertainment. They exist in America only to sully whatever they touch. They have higher crime rates than any other ethnicity.
I know I'm not alone. While white women are, yes, too foolish to agree with us, I strongly suspect that most non-black men in the US would be overjoyed if we awoke tomorrow and learned that all black men and women had disappeared.
Would I ever raise an arm against one for anything other than self-defense? No, that would be even more foolish than expecting a black man to ever propose to a woman out of his own free will. I have the rest of my life ahead of me, and I don't want to spend it in a jail cell. Besides, those idiots in the past who've tried to do away with them have only succeeded in making whites look evil and blacks look like victims. Perhaps, someday, evolution will simply make all blacks impotent. I hear abortionists target blacks; I guess I'm pro-life for all but blacks, unless they're raised by non-blacks. If you want to raise a well-educated, civil, and responsible African American, I'm convinced that the only certain way is to have non-blacks raise him.
It's funny. I knew I didn't like blacks. But until now I never realized by how much.

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