I hate my adult step son living with us

A year ago my adult step son dropped out of college and my husband had him come live with us even though his loser mother was going to let him stay there. I was so mad my husband allowed this and never even consulted me. Now a year later this unemployed dirty disgusting adult lives with us and our house is tiny so there’s no room to hide his hideous presence. He lies constantly. He’s unemployed or gets fired after having a job after a month. He stays up all night playing video games and sleeps all day. He contributes nothing to the household and my husband doesn’t do a thing about it. If I mention tang his son is being spoiled or a ** he yells at me that I’m being unreasonable. His son never showers. He eats junk food day and night and he’s useless. I pretend to like him but deep down if he walked out the door and never returned I would be so incredibly happy. I secretly wish my husband would throw him out but all he does is act like A ** about this situation. I hate this person with all my heart but I pretend to care about him so my husband doesn’t divorce me. But deep down I would be thrilled if He disappeared from

Dec 2

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